Vienna-Favoriten 2332: Quellenstraße 160

Vienna-Favoriten 2332/Quellenstraße 160 14/15, photo: AT
Vienna-Favoriten 2332/Quellenstraße 160
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The disappearance of the number
What was true for the number painted on the outside - being exposed to external hazard - applied also to the "backup" attached inside the house: Thus in 1784, several house owners in the Moravian town of Fulnek were imposed a fine of nine gulden after during a district inspection tour their houses had been found lacking the required inside numbers. Seeking to justify themselves, one put forward the suspicion that a group of soldiers accommodated at his place must have played a bad joke on him; the other put the blame on the fact that a few months ago he had the door enlarged as a consequence of which "the conscription number which had been attached above the doorway" and which he had "believed to be still there" must have got lost. And the owner of the house numbered 24, a certain Johannes Thyn, attributed the absence of the number to painting works he had carried out both outside and inside the recently bought house. Their arguments proved convincing: After receiving a warning the house owners were exempted from paying the fine.

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