Vienna-First District 1379: Köllnerhofgasse 3

Vienna-First District 1379: Köllnerhofgasse 3 13/15, photo: AT
Vienna-First District 1379: Köllnerhofgasse 3
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Vienna 1379: Time - the enemy of order (II)
The history behind the number shown above - one of the few still extant from the first house numbering project - once more exemplifies the problems facing an undertaking like house numbering that was to cover the whole city: When in 1770/71 the conscription took place in Vienna, a building sat on this site known as the Kölner Hof. A sprawling edifice first mentioned at the end of the 13th century, it was assigned conscription number 759.
In 1792/93 the Kölner Hof was largely demolished, and four new houses were built in its place under the supervision of the architect Peter Mollner. While one of them remained numbered 759, the other three received the, unused until then, numbers 1379, 1380 and 1381, respectively. Following the numbering procedure of 1795, which took into consideration the new structural givens, the four houses were numbered 783 through 786; starting from 1821 they were numbered 737 through 740, and since 1862, when the orientation numbers were introduced, the houses' addresses have been Köllnerhofgasse 1, 2, 3 and 4, respectively. Finally, after 1874, these houses were once again assigned new conscription numbers and land title registry numbers, respectively, namely 645 through 648.

Conscription numbers of the house Köllnerhofgasse 3 since 1770
1770 to 1792/93
(old Kölner Hof)
1792/93 to 1795 1795 to 1821 1821-1874 since 1874
Nr. 759 Nr. 1379 Nr. 784 Nr. 738 Nr. 647

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