Linz 609: Baumbachstraße 15

Linz 609/Baumbachstraße 15 10/15, photo: AT
Linz 609/Baumbachstraße 15
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The "backup copy"
Being exposed to the inclemency of the weather the house number attached to the outer wall was in constant jeopardy; more often than not it was rendered illegible just a few weeks after it had been put up. This called for the authorities to take counter-measures: Henceforth, a "backup" was ordered to be attached inside the house. On Dec. 15, 1770 an Imperial decree was issued pursuant to which the owner, on pain of the imposition of a nine gulden fine, was obliged "in order to ensure the preservation of house numbers" to put up "unambiguously and visibly the house number also inside the house".

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