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"(Austro-)German Words in Serbian". With Danijela Stefanović. Work in
"Baklava for the Effendi! The linguistic heritage of the Ottoman Empire in Egypt and Serbia." In the Proceedings of the symposium "Egypt & Austria XI: In Search of the Orient," Vienna, September 20-24, 2016. With Danijela Stefanovic. Manuscript. Printing.
"Second Tenses in Egyptian-Coptic and Some Other African Languages." Acts of conference Crossroads: Whence and Whither? Egyptian-Coptic Linguistics in Comparative Perspectives. Berlin, 17.-20. Februar 2016. Manuscript Printing.
"On the 'Absolutive Genitive' of Old Nubian." In a Festschrift. Manuscript. Printing.
"On the verb forms connected with the negation n."   Acts of conference "Negation in Ancient Egyptian", Paris, 11-13 Décembre 2014.  Manuscript. Printing.
"Il papiro mitologico di Khonsu-mes della collezione Drovetti: uno dei più begli esemplari di arte grafica egizia." In the Acts of the conference Una collezione di antichità Egizie unica al mondo - Bernardino Drovetti, dall'avventura alla scienza. Turin, 23 May 2014 Manuscript. Printing.
"The two Egyptian idioms and the "emphatic" consonants."  In the Acts of 5000 Jahre Semitohamitische Sprachen in Asien und Afrika, Berlin 2010. Manuscript.
"On the predominant triliterality of Egyptian verbal stems."  Acts of the VIII International Afro-Asiatic Congress. Naples 2008. Manuscript. Printing
"Gematrie in einem koptischen Zaubertext." Akten des Symposiums „Zahl und Struktur in Josquins Werk“. Freiburg 2007. Manuscript.
"Proto-Afroasiatic is “Marked Nominative,” or of Nominative-Accusative Alignment." In In Mauro Tosco (ed.), Afroasiatic. Data and Perspectives. Amsterdam and Philadelphia, 11-22. Manuscript. 2018.
Short Archaeological Wordlist in English, Sudani Arabic and Nobiin. With a foreword by Julia Budka. In Across Borders / Publications.(Accessed 21 Jan 2018.) 2018
"Zero article, bare noun, absolutive case." In Nathalie Bosson, Anne Boud'hors, Sydney H. Aufrère, eds., Labor omnia uicit improbus : miscellanea in honorem Ariel Shisha-Halevy, 331-347. Manuscript 2017
"A Lexicon of Egyptian Lexical Roots (Project)." In Quaderni di Vicino Oriente XII-2017, 213-223.    Manuscript. 2017.
"Dialectical Variation of the Egyptian-Coptic Language in the Course of its Four Millennia of Attested History." In the Acts of The Ninth Annual Coptic Studies Symposium: Coptic Heritage and Egyptology. Continuities and Particularities. Canadian Society for Coptic Studies. Toronto, April 2, 2016, 41-52. 2017.
Crown Prince Rudolf Hunting in Egypt.   L. Hudáková - J. Hudec (eds.), Egypt and Austria IX. Perception of the Orient in Central Europa (1800-1918). Proceedings of the symposium held at Betliar, Slovakia (October 21st to 24th, 2014), 297-301. 2016.
"Semitic Suffix Conjugation and Egyptian Stative. A hypothetic morpho-syntactic scenario of its origin."  In Aere perennius. Mélanges égyptologiques en l'honneur de Pascal Vernus, 685-696. Manuscript.
"What happened to the voiced consonants of Egyptian ?"    P. Kousoulis -- N. Lazaridis (eds.), Proceedings of the Tenth International Congress of Egyptologists, Rhodes 22-29 May 2008. Volume ii, 1537-1546. Manuscript. 2015
"These strange, exotic Egyptian verbal formations." In In H. Amstutz, A. Dorn, M. Müller, M. Ronsdorf, S. Uljas (eds.), Fuzzy Boundaries. Festschrift für Antonio Loprieno, 243-255. Manuscript. 2015.
"I am a nbt-pr, and I am independent." With Danijela Stefanović. In W. Grajetzki - G. Miniaci (eds.), The World of Middle Kingdom Egypt, GHP Egyptology 23, 333-338. 2015
"The Barbarian Names on the Ostraca from the Eastern Desert (3rd Century CE)." J.H.F. Dijkstra & G. Fisher (eds), Inside and Out. Interactions between Rome and the Peoples on the Arabian and Egyptian Frontiers in Late Antiquity, LAHR 8, ISBN 978- 90-429-3124-4, 199-212. Manuscript. 2014
"An early 12th Dynasty 'Appeal to the Leaving' (Stela Musee Rodin Inv. no Co 1305)." Chronique de l'Egypte 89, 28-33. With Danijela Stefanović. Manuscript. 2014
"The two elements of a late Middle Kingdom stela-chapel." Wiener Zeitschrift für die Kunde des Morgenlandes 103, 337-346. With Danijela Stefanović. 2013
"On Egyptian Participles and Nomina Agentis." In Studia Andreae Zaborski dedicata. Folia Orientalia XLIX, 2012, 467-476. 2012
"The Middle Kingdom xnmsw." Studien zur Altägyptischen Kultur 41, 341-351. With Danijela Stefanović. 2012
"Interaction of Three-dimensional and Two-dimensional Art." K. A. Kóthay (ed.), Art and Society. Ancient and Modern Contexts of Egyptian Art. Budapest, 2012, 45-46; pl. 9. 2012
"Le origini della collezione egizia di Vienna." A. Bongioanni - T. Baldacci (eds.), L'Egitto a Torino (SEREKH 14), 158-161. -- cf. the presentation. 2012
"The domestic servant of the palace rn-snb."  In: Eszter Bechtold, András Gulyás and Andrea Hasznos (eds.), From Illahun to Djeme. Papers Presented in Honour of Ulrich Luft. Oxford: Archaeopress, 2011, 241-245. With Danijela Stefanović. 2011
"The Vienna stela for the head of the confectioners guild Heracleides:  suggesting a new solution for the end of the text. Aegyptus et Pannonia 4, 2010, 119-124. 2011
"Eine Pavianstatue mit Königsfigur (Wien ÄS Inv.-Nr. 5782)." Beihefte Studien zur altägyptischen Kultur [S. Schoske (ed.), Akten des IV. Internationalen Ägyptologen-Kongresses, München 1985, Band 5].

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