helmut satzinger

Helmut Satzinger — Danijela Stefanović:


w o r k   i n   p r o g r e s s

(ö) = Austriacism (often also found in parts of Southern Germany).

Gender of Serb(o-Croat)ian nouns: in  -a, feminine (plural,  -e); in  -e or -o, neutral (plural,  -a); in consonant, masculine (plural,  -i; short words in  -ovi).

Bavarian is a dialect cluster of greatly varied pronunciation. For this compilation it is often an Eastern Austrian form that is chosen. For some Bavarian words, a phonetic rendering is given. Note that Bavarian stops are of voiceless lenis articulation (with the exception of k [kh] which is fortis and aspirated): [b̥], [d̥], [g̊]; for the sake of simplicity they are, however, noted by b, d, g.

NB.  Not few of the Serbian words listed in the following, of German origin, are kind of pariah words: they are not conceded a place in the normal dictionaries. Many can, however, be found in public use, in the public space: in shop names (like mebl štofovi, auspuh, etc.), advertisements, shop windows, book titles (like Ringišpil, by Jelena Bačić Alimpić), etc.

Serbian Bedeutung / Meaning Etymology
amper Eimer / bucket Bavarian Åmper m. [ˈɑ͡ɔmbˑɐ]. No synonym in Serbian.
aplaudirati applaudieren / applaud applaudieren, Bavarian applaudiern; German origin of the Serbian is evidenced by the verbal ending -ir- = -ier-.
bademantil Bademantel m. / bathrobe Bademantel m.; ≠ Bavarian *Bådmåntl [ˈbɔˑdmɑ͡ɔndˑl]. No synonym in Serbian.
baki pl. Bremsbacken / break shoes (Brems)backen f. pl. ≠ Bavarian -båckn [ˈbɔgˑŋ]; Slavic m. pl. ending -i.
balansirati wuchten / balancing balancieren ~ Bavarian ([bala͡onˈsi͡an]), “to balance, to poise”. At least the verbalising morpheme -ir- is German. Noun: balansiranje.
bandažirati bandagieren / bandage bandagieren
bircus Wirtshaus / inn, pub Wirtshaus n. = Bavarian [ˈβi͡adsˌ(h)ɑ͡os]: Cf. birtija, id. (= Wirt + Serbian ending). Not in use anymore in standard language.
brizla Bries, Thymusdrüse / ris, thymus Bavarian Brisl n. (diminutive).
brushalter Büstenhalter / bra *Brusthalter m.; cf. Viennese Busenhalter m. [ˈbusnˌhɔ͡edɐ]; Russian бюстгальтер [bjusˈgaλtjər]. Synonym grudnjak, something like "the thing for the breast".
buba-švaba (Küchen)schwabe / cockroach Schwabe f.; ≠ Bavarian Schwåbn [ʃβɔːm]. Buba is "beetle".
buhtla Buchtel (ö) / baked yeast dumpling Buchtel f., Bavarian Buchtl (also Wuchtl); from Czech buchta: the -l (Eastern Bavarian diminutive ending) points to Austrian origin of the Serbian.
cedulja, -ljica Zettel / slip of paper Either Bavarian Zeddl m. or n., or cèdola, Italian [ˈtʃe-], Venetian [ˈtse-]; all from Middle Latin cedula < schedula.
celer Sellerie / celery Zeller m. (Eastern & Central Austria). No synonym in Serbian.
centrirati zentrieren / centring (car) zentrieren ~ Bavarian. Noun: centriranje.
cigla Ziegel / brick Ziegel m., Bavarian Ziagl [dsi͡agl]. No synonym in Serbian.
cilindar Zylinder / cylinder; top-hat Zylinder m. = Bavarian; both the geometrical form, and the hat. Serbian c indicates German as source.
cinober Zinnober / cinnabar Zinnober m.  Serbian c indicates German as source.
cirkla Zirkel / dividers Zirkel m. ~ Bavarian. Synonym šestar (lit. sextant).
cucla Schnuller / comforter, dummy Bavarian Zutz(l) m. –l is the diminutive ending. No synonym in Serbian.
cuclati lutschen / suck Bavarian zutzln; with Slavic infinitive morpheme. No synonym in Serbian.
cug Zug (trinken) / draught (drinking) Zug m. = Bavarian.
cvikeri Zwicker / pince-nez Zwicker = Bavarian. i is the Slavic masculine plural ending. No synonym in Serbian.
čeze n. leichter (Pferde)wagen, etc. / gig Viennese Tschesn f. [dʃɛːsn]. Both the Viennese and the Slavic form seem to be loans from another language, probably as early as 19th century. Cf. English chase, which does not seem, however, to have a comparable meaning; čeze does not display the weak Bavarian feminine ending -n. No synonym in Serbian.
?čvarci (pl.) Grammeln (ö), Grieben
/ greaves
Cf. Schwarte f., Bavarian Schwartn f., dim. Schwartl, “crust, rind (of roast pork, etc.)”
dihtung Dichtung / gasket Dichtung f. = Bavarian. No synonym in Serbian ?
dinstati dŁnsten / stew dŁnsten, or Bavarian dinstn. -ati is the Serbian infinitive morpheme.
dizna Düse / jet Bavarian Düsn f. Synonym cevčica (cev "tube").
dozna Dose / can Bavarian Dosn f. Mainly in Vojvodina, but also in Central Serbia. Synonym merica (mer "measure").
dreser Dresseur / dresser Most probably the German, Dresseur (Bavarian Dressér).
dresirati dressieren / to tame, to train dressieren ~ Bavarian.
dresura Dressur / training, dressage Dressur f. = Bavarian.
driker, driher Druckknopf / press button Drücker ≠ Bavarian
escajg Essbesteck / cutlery Bavarian Esszeig n. [ˈesˌdsa͡eg] (German -zeug), id.
fajront Arbeitsschluss / stopping time Bavarian Feieråbend m. [ˈfa͡erɔmd] "end of the working day". Well in use.
falta Falte / fold (in cloth) Falte f.; ≠ Bavarian Fåltn [ˈfɔ͡edn].
farba Farbe / colour Farbe f.; ≠ Bavarian Fårb [fɔ͡ab]. Synonym boja. Derivative farbara "paint shop", with Serbian "shop" morpheme -āra. Slovenian barva is obviously a very old loan from Upper German.

fasovati anbringen (etw. an etw.) / to affix fassen (≠ Bavarian fåssn) ? Slavic derivation morpheme -ov- plus infinitive morpheme -ati. Difference in meaning; cf. Edelsteine fassen “to enchase juwels”.
faširati faschieren (ö) / to mince (meat) Austrian faschieren "to mince (meat)". Mostly in participial form, like faširano meso "faschiertes Fleisch (Hackfleisch) / minced meat", and faširane šnicle "faschierte Schnitzel (Hacksteak, deutsches Beefsteak) / burgers". No synonym in Serbian.
feder Federspitze / pen nib Feder f. "feather, quill" = Bavarian. No synonym in Serbian.
feler Beschädigung / damage Fehler m. “blemish, defect” (= Bavarian). Shift of meaning. Adjective felerican “damaged.”
felna Felge / (wheel) rim Bavarian Felgn f. [føːŋ]; loss of g, between l and n, in the Serbian.
fen Fön / hair dryer Föhn, Fön m. = Bavarian; ö > e is both Bavarian and Serbian, hence not an unequivocal indication of a Bavarian source. No synonym in Serbian.
fiksan fix, fest / fixed, steady fix = Bavarian, with adjective formative element -(a)n, -na, -no (cf. specijalan, siguran [from Venetian seguro “safe”], etc.).
fiksirati festmachen / to fix fixieren ~ Bavarian.
fišbajn Fischbein / boning (textile) Fischbein n. ≠ Bavarian, “boning” for dress, bra etc.
flaster (Heft)pflaster / adhesive plaster Pflaster n. ≠ Bavarian Pflåster [ˈbflɔsdɒ].
flaša Flasche / bottle Flasche f.; ≠ Bavarian Flåschn [flɔʃn]. Synonym boca.
fleka Fleck / spot, speck Fleck m. = Bavarian.
flekice (f. pl.) Fleckerl (ö) / (kind of pasta) Bavarian Fleckerl, diminutive of Fleck, with Serbian diminutive ending -ica replacing Bavarian diminutive ending -l; kupus flekice “Krautfleckerl” n. pl., šunka flekice “Schinkenfleckerl” .
frajla Fräulein / miss Bavarian Fräuln [frɑ͡ən], or rather Alemannic Fräule ?
francuz Franzose / monkey wrench Austrian Franzos m. (literally “Frenchman,” meaning French wrench). Also francuz means literally “Frenchman.”
frišak frisch / fresh (food, etc.) frisch = Bavarian; with Slavic derivation morpheme -ak. Mainly in Vojvodina.
frizer Friseur / hairdresser Probably through German Friseur m. = Bavarian [friˈse͡a]; from the French ("curler"), though not in use there. No synonym in Serbian.
frizirati se sich frisieren / to coif frisieren, Bavarian frisiern; frizir- + infinitive morpheme -ati; reflexive se corresponds to sich. For the obsolete synonym ondulirati se see below. Cf. -ir-, below.
frizura Frisur / hairdo Frisur f. = Bavarian.
froncle (f. pl.) Fransen / fringes Bavarian Frånzn (f. pl.)[ˈfra͡ondsn]“fringes,” diminutive Franzln [ˈfrandsln].
fruštuk Frühstück / breakfast Bavarian Fruastuk n. [ˈfru͡aʃtuk].
Not in use anymore, except perhaps in Vojvodina. Synonym doručak.
fugna Fuge / joint (tiles, etc.) Bavarian Fugn f. Synonym žleb.
fuksa Hure / whore (vulg.) obviously from German (= Bavarian) Fuchs (= Bavarian) “fox,” cf. Füchsin “vixen.”
funta Pfund / pound Pfund n. = Bavarian.
fušer Pfuscher (ö) / moonlighter Pfuscher m. = Bavarian.
garaža Garage / garage, vehicle hall Garage f. = Bavarian [gaˈraʃ].
NB. French derivatives in -age are masculin; when taken over by German, they are treated as feminins (die Garage, etc.). When taken over by Serbian, ending in -aža, and treated as feminins, they had obviously entered the language via German.
garnišna Karniese (ö) / blinded curtain rail Bavarian Karnischn, Garnischn f. No synonym in Serbian.
garnirung Garnierung, Garnitur / garnish (cuisine) Garnierung f. = Bavarian; also garnirati “to garnish.”
gas Gaspedal / gas pedal Probably from the German; Gas(pedal) n. = Bavarian (though pronounced [beˈdɑ͡ə]).
gelender Geländer / bannister Geländer n. ≠ Bavarian Glander.
getribe Getriebe / gear box Getriebe n.
glatko (adverb) glatt / smoothly glatt (≠ Bavarian glått) plus Slavic ending.  Possibly loaned as adverb, from which the adjective gladak is derived by analogy, as if t by assimilation from d.
grao grau / grey grau = Bavarian. Synonym siv.
grip Grippe / flu Bavarian Gripp f.
griz Grieß / semolina Grieß m., Bavarian Griaß. No synonym in Serbian.
grob Grab / tomb Bavarian Gråb n.; cf. Slovenian, Polish grob; Czech, Slovak hrob. No synonym in Serbian.
grof Graf / count Bavarian Gråf m.; perhaps via Hungarian gróf, id. No synonym in Serbian.
guvernale Lenkstange / handle bar (bicycle) Gouvernal (ö; antiquated); from French gouvernail.
hala Halle / hall Halle f. (absent in Bavarian); theoretically, the Serbian could also be derived from French hall m., or halle f. (on their part, derived from Frankish halla f.)
halteri m. pl. Strumpfgürtel / suspender belt (Strumpf)halter m., Bavarian hålter [-ˌhɔ͡edˑɒ]. -i is the Slavic masculine plural ending. No synonym in Serbian.
hanzaplast Heftpflaster / adhesive plaster ®Hansaplast; also used as a common noun.
hauba (Motor)haube / (engine) bonnet Both meanings; Haube f. ≠ Bavarian Haubn.
heklati häkeln / crochet häkeln ~ Bavarian; derivative heklica f. "crochet hook", with Serbian derivation morpheme -ica. No synonym in Serbian.
hohštapler Hochstapler / impostor Hochstapler m. = Bavarian.
hoklica Hocker, Stockerl (ö) / stool Hocker m. = Bavarian; obviously based on a dialectal diminutive Hockerl, with Serbian derivative morpheme -ica. No synonym in Serbian.
instalater Installateur / plumber Installateur = Bavarian m. [inʃdalaˈde͡a]; ö > e is both Bavarian and Serbian, hence not an unequivocal indication of a Bavarian source. No synonym in Serbian.
insistirati insistieren / insist insistieren ~ Bavarian. The suffix -ir- = German -ier- attests to German intermediation.
-ir- verbal suffix -ier- = Bavarian; does not always point to German origin of the verb, but is rather used by analogy. Cf. planirati "planen / to plan"; čekirati to check in; revanširati to pay back, etc.
izlog Auslage (ö) / shop window Bavarian Auslåg f. [ˈɑ͡ɔslɔg]: should perhaps be regarded as a kind of calque, rather than a loan, as both iz- and log are Slavic elements. No synonym in Serbian.
jakna (Über)jacke / jacket Bavarian Jackn f. (≠ German Jacke).
juhu Juhu ! / Hooray ! Juhu.
juvelir Juwelier / juweller Juwelier = Bavarian. (Juwel, juwel from the French.) Synonyms draguljar (from dragulj "juwel"), kujundžija (obsolescent; < Turkish kuyumcu, from kuyum, "juwel"), cf. zlatar ("goldsmith", from zlato "gold").
kajzerica Semmel / roll Viennese Kaisersemmel f., for rolls of special quality; with Serbian derivative morpheme -ica.
kanabe Kanapee / couch Kanapee n. < French.; not necessarily loaned from German. Well in use.
kapirati verstehen / to figure out kapieren; from Italian capire, id.
kapisla Kapsel / capsule Kapsel f., Bavarian Kapsl. No synonym in Serbian.
karfiol Karfiol (ö) / cauliflower Karfiol m.; < Italian cavolfiori; also Slovak, Hungarian karfiol, id. No synonym in Serbian.
karoserija Karosserie / coach work, car body Karosseri; ≠ Italian carrozzeria.
karta Fahrschein / ticket (Fahr)karte (ö) ≠ Bavarian (Fåhr)kårtn.
keleraba Kohlrabi (ö) / turnip cabbage Cf. Kohlrabi m. [kho͡eˈraːβə]; for kele- cf. the following. No synonym in Serbian.
kelj Kohl / Savoy cabbage Kelch (ö) m. [khøːx] (Central and Eastern Austria) or Hungarian kel, "cabbage". No synonym in Serbian.
kelner Keller / waiter Kellner m. = Bavarian [ˈkhøːnɒ].
kibicer Kiebitz / kibitzer (Am.) *Kiebitzer (variant of Kiebitz?); kibicovati “kiebitzen / kiebitz”; cf. kibicovati se “flirten / flirt. ”
kifla Kipfe(r)l (ö) / croissant Kipfel n., Bavarian Kipfl;cf. also Hungarian kifli. No synonym in Serbian.
kim Kümmel / caraway Bavarian kimm.
kitnikes Quittenkäse / hard quince jelly Viennese Quittenkäse m. [ˈkhidˑnˌkhes]. No synonym in Serbian.
kič Kitsch / kitsch Kitsch m. ~ Bavarian.
klavir Klavier / piano Klavier n. = Bavarian. No synonym in Serbian.
klavirštimer Klavierstimmer / piano tuner Klavierstimmer m. = Bavarian. No synonym in Serbian.
klema Klemme / clamp Klemme f.
klešta Zange / tongs ? — Cf. Bavarian kleschn "clap, smack". There is also the Iyekavian form, kliješta (especially in Croatia). No synonym in Serbian.
knedla Knödel (ö) / dumpling Bavarian Knēdl m.; ö > e is both Bavarian and Serbian, hence not an unequivocal indication of a Bavarian source. No synonym in Serbian.
klozet Klosett / toilet Klosett n. = Bavarian.
kofer Koffer / suitcase Koffer m. = Bavarian.
koh Brei, Grütze / porridge Koch n. (ö) = Bavarian; e.g., Grießkoch = Griasko(ch) “semolina porridge”.
komoda Kommode / commode, chest of drawers Kommode, Bavarian Komód f. (from French commode).
komotan bequem / comfortable Bavarian komót (cf. French commode, Italian cómmodo); komót with adjective formative element -(a)n, -na, -no.
korpa Korb / basket Korb m. = Bavarian.
Kotež (Name eines Belgrader Wohnbezirkes / name of a Belgrade neighbourhood )
Judging from the pronounciation and the spelling with ž, it is derived from Viennese Cottage which is not pronounced the English way, but in pseudo-French, [koˈteːʒ]. Cf., on the other hand, коттедж in Russian usage, котедж in Ukrainian, both with the affricate occlusive of English, [dʒ] = Serbian = џ, rather than the fricative occlusive of French, [ʒ] = Serbian ž = ж.
koverat Kuvert (ö) / envelope Kuvert n. is mainly used in Austria, Briefumschlag in Germany. However, the usual pronunciation in Austria is [kuˈβe͡a] (without –t, as if spelled the French way, couvert). The vowel a of Serbian koverat is the typical anaptyctic vowel between two word-final consonants in Serbian.
kragna Kragen / collar Kragen m.; ≠ Bavarian Krågn [grɔːŋ]. No synonym in Serbian.
kramp Krampen (ö) / pickaxe Krampen m.; ≠ Bavarian Kråmpn [ˈgrɑ͡ɔmbˑm]. Synonym budak.
kredenac Kredenz (ö) / sideboard Kredenz f.; anaptyctic a between two word-final consonants is Serbian. Also cf. Slovenian kredenca after Italian credenza.
Not in regular use anymore; more so in Vojvodina.
kreieren / create
kreieren ~ Bavarian.
krigla Krügl(ein) / (beer) jug Bavarian Kriagl n. No synonym in Serbian.
krofna Krapfen (ö) / (kind of doughnut) Bavarian Kråpfn m. No synonym in Serbian.
krompir Erdapfel, Kartoffel / potato Grundbirn(e) f., literally "ground pear". Very old loan. Also Slovenian krompir; Hungarian krumpli (synon. burgonya, literally "Burgundian"); cf. Czech brambory m. pl., literally "Brandenburgians". No synonym in Serbian.
kugla (Eis)kugel / scoop (ice-cream) Kugel f., Bavarian Kugl.
kuglager Kugellager / ball bearing Kugellager n. ≠ Bavarian Kugellåger [ˈkhuˑglˌlɔˑgɒ].
kuglof Gugelhupf / ring cake, Bundt cake The closest is French kouglof, rendering the Alsatian or Swiss form.
kulisa Kulisse / coulisse Kulisse f. ≠ Bavarian Kulissn.
kunsdruk Kunstdruckpapier / glossy paper Kunstdruck m. "art print". Shift in meaning, or abbreviation. No synonym in Serbian.
kupe Coupé, Abteil / compartment Coupé n. No synonym in Serbian.
kupleraj Bordell / brothel Bavarian Kupplerei f., German Kuppelei f., “procuration (of a woman)”
Synomnyms javna kuća (lit. „public house“), bordel, brothel.
kuplung Kupplung / clutch Kupplung f. = Bavarian.
kuršlus Kurzschluss / short circuit Kurzschluss m. = Bavarian.
labla Laibchen (ö) / tiny loaf, bun Bavarian Laberl [ˈlaːβɒl] n. (diminutiv in -l).
ladica Lade / drawer Bavarian La(d)l n., diminutive of Låd f.
lad- plus diminutive morpheme -ica>/i>.
lager Lager, Depot / stock, storage Lager n. ≠ Bavarian Låger. Cf. logor “camp.”
lajsna Leiste / batten, flat rod Bavarian Leistn. Elision of t between two consonants.
lastiš Hosengummi / elastic band Cf. elastisch "elastic". The ending -iš points to German origin, cf., on the other hand, Turkish lâstik "rubber", from French élastique. No synonym in Serbian.
liferovati liefern / deliver liefern = Bavarian [ˈliːfɒn]; Slavic derivation morpheme -ov- plus infinitive morpheme -ati.
lift Lift (ö) / lift Lift m. (Standard German Aufzug). No synonym in Serbian.
ligeštul Liegestuhl / deck chair Liegestuhl m. = Bavarian.
logor Lager / camp Bavarian Låger n. [ˈlɔːgɒ]. Cf. lager “stock.”
lokna Locke f. / curl Bavarian Lockn f. [ˈlogˑŋ]. No synonym in Serbian.
Lupe / magnifying glass
Lupe f.  (Bavarian Lupn)
luster Luster (ö) / chandelier Luster m. (standard German Lüster); ü > u agrees with Serbian usage (e.g. bife for French and Austrian buffet), hence not an unequivocal indication of an Austrian source. No synonym in Serbian.
malter Mörtel / mortar Bavarian Malter n. [ˈmɑ͡edˑɒ]; Italian malta < Lat. malta < Greek μάλθα; malta also in Czech and Slovak).
No synonym in Serbian.
maltretirati malträtieren / abuse, ill-treat malträtieren ~ Bavarian.
mantil Mantel / cloak Mantel m. ≠ Bavarian Måntl.
ma(n)drac Matratze / matress Matratze / Bavarian Måtråtzn [mɔˈdrɔdsn] f. Epenthetic -n-. Synonym dušek.
manžetna (Ärmel)manschette; Hosenumschlag / cuff; turn-up (pants) Bavarian Manschettn f. [manˈʃedˑn]; first meaning only.
masakrirati massakrieren / to massacre massakrieren ~ Bavarian.
mašna Masche (ö) / bow knot Bavarian Maschn f. [ˈmaʃˑn].
No synonym in Serbian.
matura Reifeprüfung / high school diploma Matura f. (ö), short for Maturitätsprüfung.
mebl Möbel / furniture Möbel n. (usually pl.), Bavarian Mebl [ˈmeˑβə], [ˈmɶˑβə]; ö > e is both Bavarian and Serbian, hence not an unequivocal indication of a Bavarian source. No synonym in Serbian.
Mensa / canteen, refectory (university)
Mensa f.
mider Mieder / bodice Mieder n., Bavarian Miader. No synonym in Serbian.
mileram Sauerrahm (ö) / sour cream Bavarian Millirahm m. [ˈmyləˌraˑm]; literally Milchrahm "milk cream". No synonym in Serbian.
milibrod Milchbrot (ö) / “milk bread”, a sweet white yeast bread Bavarian Millibrod [ˈmyləˌbroˑd].
moler Maler / painter Bavarian Måler m. [ˈmɔːlɒ]. No synonym in Serbian.
moleraj Malergeschäft / painter's shop Bavarian Målerei f. [mɔlɒˈra͡e] = Malerei / painting. Shift of meaning. No synonym in Serbian.
motocangla „Ratschen“ (ö), Drehschraubenschlüssel / (kind of) wrench Bavarian *Motorzangl n.? No synonym in Serbian.
muštikla Zigaretten-, Zigarrenmundstück / mouthpiece Bavarian Mundstick(l) n.; -l is the diminutive morpheme. No synonym in Serbian.
muter Schraube; Mutter / screw; screw nut Mutter f. ≠ Bavarian Muatter. Extension of meaning from “female screw” to “screw”.
natkazna Nachtkästchen (ö) / bedside locker Bavarian Nåchtkastl n.; Elision of h [x] ist typically Serbian. Synonym noćni ormarić, a calque (literal translation) of Nachtkästchen / Nåchtkastl.
neseser Necessaire / toilet bag Necessaire n.; most probably from the German.
noša Nachttopf / chamber pot Bavarian Nåchtscherbn m. [ˈnɔˑxdʃe͡am], id.; probably modified in children's speech. Elision of h [x] is typically Serbian. No synonym in Serbian.
ondulirati se ondulieren / undulate ondulieren ~ Bavarian; somewhat obsolete in both German and Serbian. Cf. -ir-, above. Derivative ondulacija "undulation". -ija regularly replaces the Latin abstract ending . c corresponds to the German pronunciation. Today hardly known; synonym frizirati se for which see above.
opcigovati abziehen (Betrag) / deduct (an amount) cf. Bavarian åziagn [ˈɔˑdsi͡aŋ]; Slavic derivation morpheme -ov- plus infinitive morpheme -ati. Note the Bavarian characteristics, o- for German a-, and g- for German h-. In use; various synonyms depending on context.
ordinacija Ordination (ö) / surgery -ija regularly replaces the Latin abstract ending . c corresponds to the German pronunciation. An Austriacism; in Germany Arztpraxis, in Italian ambulatorio.
palačinka Palatschinke (ö) /
(kind of) pancake
Palatschinke f. This was loaned from Hungarian palacsinta (< Romanian plăcintă), but since -nk- for -nt- is a Viennese innovation (dissimilation t : c), the Serbian, Slovenian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Italian (Trieste) etc. forms are loans from the Viennese German. No synonym in Serbian.
kugelsichere Weste / bullet-proof waistcoat
Panzer m.  (Bavarian Pånzer), "armour";  shift of meaning.
paradajz Paradeis (Styria, etc.), Paradeiser (Vienna, etc.) / tomato Austrian Paradeis (properly Paradeisapfel "paradise apple" > paradeiser); paradajz also in Slovenian etc.; ≠ Hungarian paradicsom. In Standard German Tomate f. No synonym in Serbian.
parket Parkettboden / parquet floor Parkett m. (= Bavarian).
parter Parterre, Erdgeschoß / ground floor Parterre n.; Viennese [baˈde͡a]. No synonym in Serbian.
pasirati passieren (durch Sieb) / sieve passieren = Bavarian. Cf. -ir-, above.
pauflak Bauchfleisch (ö) / pork belly Bauchfleisch n. = Bavarian. h [x] tends to be elided in Serbian; spontanous change f > k (cf. auspuh, with f > h).
pečat Petschaft / signet Petschaft n. (with omission of f-).
pedale pl. Pedale / pedals (bicycle) Most probably from the German.
pegla Bügeleisen / (flat) iron Bavarian bēgln "bügeln / iron" yields peglati, id., from the Bügel, "bail, clamp", of the Bügeleisen, the "iron with a bail". As pegla has e though German ü is usually rendered by Serbian u, the word is probably loaned from a Bavarian idiom (with ē). No synonym in Serbian.
peh Unglück / bad luck Pech n. = Bavarian (lit. “pitch”).
pelc Pelzmantel / fur coat Pelz m. "fur (coat)" = Bavarian [bøːds]. Synonym krzno (NB. Kürschner "furrier" is a very old loan from Slavic *krznār, id.). No synonym in Serbian.
perika Perücke / wig Perücke f.; ≠ Bavarian Peruckn. No synonym in Serbian.
peron Perron (ö) / platform (railway) Perron m. Synonym kolosek.
pertla Schuhband / shoelace Probably from Bavarian Börtl n. [ˈberdˑl], Dimin. of Borte f., Bavarian Bortn "braid". Shift in meaning. No synonym in Serbian.
piksla Aschenbecher / ashtray Bavarian Bichsl n. "Büchslein / box (dimin.)", with shift, or narrowing, of meaning. Synonym pepeljara (from pepeo < *pepel, "ashes").
pinceta Pinzette / tweezers Pinzette; ≠ Bavarian Pinzettn; the sound c [ts] attests to loaning from German, rather than French, etc. No synonym in Serbian.
piškote f. pl. Biskotten (ö) / lady’s fingers Bavarian Biskottn [biʃˈgodˑn] f. pl.; from Italian biscotto “baked twice,” like French biscuit.
plac Baustelle / buildingsite (Bau)platz n ≠ Bavarian plåtz. No synonym in Serbian.
pleh Blech / sheet metal Blech n. = Bavarian. No synonym in Serbian.
pohovati panieren / coat with breadcrumbs Bavarian båchn [bɔxn] (= backen (ö)) “to fry meat (etc.) covered with breadcrumbs.” E.g. pohovane šnicle f. pl. = bečke šnicle, Bavarian båchane schnitzl = “Wiener Schnitzel”. No synonym in Serbian.
pomada Pomade / pomade Pomade f. ≠ Bavarian Pomadn, from French pommade f. Not in use anymore.
porcija Portion / portion Portion f. = Bavarian. -ija regularly replaces the Latin abstract ending -iō. The sound of c attests to German origin.
Portikla Schürze / apron Cf. Fürtuch (ö).
portir Portier / concierge, porter Bavarian Portier [bo͡aˈdˑiːr] (Standard German [pɔrtˈjeː]
prezle f. pl. Semmelbrösel / breadcrumb (cook.) Brösel pl., Bavarian Brēsl; South Slavic f. pl. ending -e.
probirati probieren / try on probieren, Bavarian probiern. Cf. ir-, above. Derivative probirljiv wählerisch / choosey.
prokelj Kohlsprossen (ö) / Brussel sprouts Bavarian Brockerln n. pl. “Brussel sprouts” (obsolete).
pumpa Tankstelle / petrol station Pumpe f. “pump” ≠ Bavarian Pumpn [ˈbᴜmbm]; pars pro toto. Properly benzinska pumpa or benzinska stanica (“station”).
puter (buter) Butter / butter Butter f. = Bavarian (f./m.); especially in puter kifla "Butterkipfe(r)l", where it is felt as an attributive adjective.
radla Kopierrad / tracing wheel Bavarian Radl n.
rafiniran raffiniert / nifty, astute raffiniert = Bavarian. -an, f. -na, n. -no is a Serbian morpheme of adjective derivation.
raj(s)feršlus Reiß-, Zippverschluss / zip Reißverschluss m. = Bavarian. Synonym šnir which reminds of Verschnürung "lacing, lashing"; schnüren, Bavarian schniern, “to lace.”
rajsnadla Reißnagel / drawing pin, tack Reißnagel; ≠ Bavarian någl. Spontaneous shift g > d. No synonym in Serbian.
rampa Schlagbaum / toll bar Rampe f. ≠ Bavarian Råmpn [ˈrɑ͡ᴜmbm]; or from Italian rampa ? In any case, change of meaning.
ranac Ranzen / satchel Ranzen m. ~ Bavarian Rånzn, with the anaptyctic vowel between the the final consonants, typical of Serbo-Croatian; cf. školski ranac “Schulranzen” (schoolbag).
ratkapna Radkappe / wheel hub cap Bavarian Rådkåppn f. [ˈrɔdˌkhɔbˑm]. The vowels agree with Standard German, but the weak feminine ending n (before Slavic a) is Bavarian.
Rezept / recipe
Rezept n.
reglaža Einstellung (Motor) / adjustment (motor) Bavarian Regelage [regˈlaːʃ], from the French; for the ending -aža cf. garaža.
regrut Rekrut / recruite, conscript Rekrut m. = Bavarian [reˈgrudˑ]. No synonym in Serbian.
rerna Backrohr (ö) / oven Röhre f., Bavarian Rērn [re͡an] "oven". No synonym in Serbian.
reš resch (ö) / crisp Bavarian resch (Middle High German rœsch).
restl Stoffrest / fabric remnant Bavarian Restl n. “remaining piece”; regular Plur. restlovi “Restln”.
revanširati se sich revanchieren / to return a favour sich revanchieren = Bavarian.
rever Rockaufschlag / laper Revers m. = Bavarian [reˈβe͡a].
ribati reiben / rub reiben, Bavarian reibn [ra͡em]; base rib- + infinitive ending ati. No synonym in Serbian.
ribizla Ribisel (ö) / currant Bavarian Ribisl, diminutive of *Ribis, < Italian ribes < Arabic رباس rībās. Serbian ribizla, Hungarian ribizli, Slovak ribezle from (Austrian) Bavarian diminutive Ribisl; Croatian ribiz, Czech rybiz from the basic form, *ribis; Slovenian ribez probably from Italian ribes. No synonym in Serbian.
rikverc rückwärts / backward rückwärts; ≠ Bavarian. No synonym in Serbian.
rinfliš, rinflajš Kochfleisch / boiled meat Rindfleisch n. = Bavarian. Shift in meaning. Presumably from the Viennese cuisine, where boiled beef plays a prominent role. Used in Vojvodina and North Eastern Serbia. No synonym in Serbian.
ringišpil Ringelspiel (ö.) / merry-go-round Ringelspiel n., Bavarian Ringlspül [-ʃbyː].
ringla Kochplatte / hot plate Presumably from Bavarian Ringl n., diminutive of Ring "ring". Presumably one of the concentrical cast-iron rings, of traditional hearths. No synonym in Serbian.
roletna Roulleau / roller blind Viennese †Rolletten f. pl., id. No synonym in Serbian.
rolka Rollkragen / turtle neck collar Roll- (≠ Bavarian [ro͡e-])with diminutive ending -ka.
rostfraj rostfrei / rustless rostfrei = Bavarian.
rozbratna Rostbraten / roast (beef) Rostbraten m. ≠ Bavarian Ros(t)brådn; yet in view of the great role of roast beef in Viennese cuisine it may be envisaged that the Serbian word is from Vienna. No synonym in Serbian.
Rucksack / backbag
Rucksack m. (Bavarian -såck).
sajla Drahtseil / wire rope Seil n. = Bavarian [sø͡ə] “rope”; semantic narrowing. No exact Serbian synonym.
sako Sakko / (sack) coat Sakko, in Bavarian neuter; with the stress on o (imitating the French), at least in Austria
salutirati salutieren / salute (milit.) salutieren ~ Bavarian. Cf. -ir-, above.
sekirati se sekkieren (ö) / pester sekkieren ~ Bavarian (from Italian seccare, id.). Cf. -ir-, above. sekiracija “Sekkatur (ö) / pestering” is a Serbian derivation.
senf Senf / mustard Senf m. = Bavarian. No synonym in Serbian.
sufler Souffleur / prompter (theatre) Souffleur m. = Bavarian [suˈfløːr]. No synonym in Serbian.
suflirati soufflieren / prompt (theatre) soufflieren ~ Bavarian. No synonym in Serbian.
sulc Sulz (ö)/ cured meat in gelatine Bavarian Sulz n./f.; ≠ Standard German Sülze f.. No synonym in Serbian.
šalter (Kassen)schalter / counter Schalter m.; ≠ Bavarian Schålter [ˈʃɔ͡edˑɒ]. No synonym in Serbian.
šam-rolna Schaumrolle (ö) / [Austrian cream pastry] Bavarian Schaumroln f. [ˈʃɑ͡omro͡en].
šamot Schamott (ö) / fire clay Schamott m. = Bavarian.
šanac Schanze / redoubt (mil.) Schanze f.; ≠ Bavarian Schånzn [ˈʃɑ͡ondˑsn]; anaptyctic a between two word-final consonants is Serbian. Synonym rov.
šarlah Scharlach / scarlet fever Scharlach m. ≠ Bavarian Scharlåch.
šasija Chassis / chassis, main frame Probably via German, [ʃaˈsiː].
šerpa Topf / pot Bavarian Scherbn m. [ʃe͡am], id. No synonym in Serbian.
šiber Riegel / bolt, latch Schieber m. "slider". = Bavarian Synonym reza (rare).
šindra Schindel / clapboard Schindel f., Bavarian Schindl; Czech šindel, Hungarian zsindel [ʒ-]. Mainly used in Vojvodina.
šlafrok Schlafrock / dressing gown Schlafrock m.; in particular, jabuke u šlafroku “Äpfel im Schlafrock” (a cake, with apples ).
šlag Schlagobers (ö) / whipped cream Schlag(obers) m.; ≠ Bavarian Schlåg. No synonym in Serbian.
šlager Schlager (Musik) / hit song Schlager m.; ≠ Bavarian Schlåger.
šlajer Schleier / veil Schleier m. = Bavarian. No synonym in Serbian.
šlajm Schleim / mucus, slime Schleim m. = Bavarian m.
šlauf Schwimmgürtel / swimming belt Schlauch m. "hose" = Bavarian; with spontaneous shift ch > f.
šleper Schlepper, Schleppschiff / tugboat Schlepper m. = Bavarian. No synonym in Serbian.
šlic Hosenschlitz; Schlitz
(am Kleid) / fly (pants); slash (of gown)
Schlitz m. = Bavarian. No synonym in Serbian.
šljaka Schlacke / slag Schlacke f.; ≠ Bavarian Schlackn. Cf. Russian шлак, id. No synonym in Serbian.
šljampav schlampig / sluggish Bavarian schlampend [ˈʃlɑ͡ombˑɒd].
šlog Gehirnschlag / cerebral apoplexy Bavarian Schlåg. Synonym moždani udar, a calque (literal translation) of the German.
šloser Ungeschickter / clumsy person Schlosser m. "locksmith" = Bavarian. Shift of meaning. No synonym in Serbian.
šminka Schminke / makeup Schminke f. No synonym in Serbian.
šmirgla Schmirgelpapier / emery paper Schmirgel(papier) n.. No synonym in Serbian. Derivative:
šmirglati schmirgeln / to emery Base schmirg(e)l- + infinitive ending -ati. No synonym in Serbian.
šnajder Schneider / tailor Schneider m. = Bavarian. Synonym krojač (krojiti "schneiden / to cut").
šnala (Gürtel)schnalle / (belt) buckle Schnalle f.; ≠ Bavarian Schnåln [ˈʃnɔ͡en]. No synonym in Serbian.
šnenokle pl. Salzburger Nockerl (ö) / (a cake made of egg white) *Schneenockerl n.pl. = Bavarian. e is the Serbian feminine plural ending. No synonym in Serbian.
šnicla Schnitzel (ö) / escalope Schnitzel n., Bavarian Schnitzl. No synonym in Serbian.
šnit Schnittmuster / pattern (sewing) Schnitt m. = Bavarian.
šofer Chauffeur (ö) / driver From the French, though probably through German Chauffeur m. = Bavarian [ʃoˈfe͡a]. However, the stress is on the first syllable, as in English. Synonym vozač.
šoferšajbna Windschutzscheibe / windscreen (automobile) Composed of šofer = Chauffeur “driver” and Bavarian Scheibn f. (German Scheibe), “disk, screen”.
šok Schock / shock Schock m. = Bavarian. No synonym in Serbian.
šolja (Kaffee)schale (ö) / cup Bavarian Schåln f. [ʃɔ͡en], though without rendering the weak feminine ending en. Cf. Croatian šalica which is from Standard German Schale with derivative ending -ica. "Cup" is Schale in Austria (like šolja in Serbia, and šalica in Croatia). In Germany, however, "cup" is Tasse (French tasse). This latter word has in Austria the original meaning of "saucer, tray", like Serbian tacna (for which see below). No synonym in Serbian.
špacirati spazieren gehen / to go for a walk spazieren ~ Bavarian. Cf. -ir-, above. Synonym prošetati se.
špahna Spachtel / trowel Spachtel f., Bavarian Spåchtl; irregular phonetic correspondance (probably by analogy of the Bavarian weak feminine ending –n > Serbian -na). No synonym in Serbian.
špajz Speis(ekammer) / pantry Bavarian Speis f. Synonym ostava.
šparati, u- einsparen / economize sparen "to safe"(≠ Bavarian spårn [ʃbɔ͡an]), with prefix (preposition) u- representing German ein-, and infinitive morpheme -ati. Rare.
špargla Spargel / asparagus Spargel m., Bavarian Spargl. No synonym in Serbian.
šparkasa Sparkasse / savings bank Sparkassa (ö), Sparkasse (Bavarian Spårkassa [ˈʃbɔ͡ɑˌkhasɒ]) f.
špek Speck / bacon Speck m. = Bavarian. Mainly in Vojvodina.
špenadla Stecknadel / pin Bavarian Spenådl f. (cf. spendln "to pin"). No synonym in Serbian.
šperploča Sperrholzplatte / panel Bracketed Bavarian Sperr(holz)plåttn f. [ˈʃbe͡aho͡edsˌblɔdˑn]; spontaneous shift t > č. No synonym in Serbian.
špic Spitz (ö) / tip In standard German Spitze f., in Austrian dialects and vernacular language, Spitz m.
špijun Spion / spy Spion m. = Bavarian; the š sound advocates for a German or Bavarian source. No synonym in Serbian. Derivative:
špijunka Türspion / door viewer, peep hole špijun + diminutive ending -ka. No synonym in Serbian.
špikovati spicken / to lard (meat) spicken ~ Bavarian, + infinitive morpheme -ati.
špil (Karten)spiel / deck of cards Spiel n. = Bavarian [ʃbyˑ].
špiritus Spiritus, Weingeist / spirit Spiritus m. = Bavarian; the š-sound points to borrowing via German (or Hungarian – spiritusz [ˈʃpiritus]?).
špric (Injektions)spritze / syringe Spritze f. ≠ Bavarian Spritzn.
špricer Gespritzter (ö) / spritzer Spritzer m. No synonym in Serbian.
šraf Schraube / screw Bavarian Schraufen m. (!) No synonym in Serbian.
šrafciger Schraubenzieher / screwdriver Bavarian Schraufnziager m. Note Serbian g for Standard German h, Bavarian g. No synonym in Serbian.
šrapnel Schrapnell / shrapnel Rather through the German, than directly from English.
štafelaj Staffelei / easel Staffelei f. = Bavarian.
štala Stall / stable Stall m.; ≠ Bavarian Stål [ʃdɔ͡e]; ≠ Italian stalla. No synonym in Serbian.
štangla Stange / pole, stake Bavarian diminutive Stangl n.
štap Stab, Stock / staff Stab m.; ≠ Bavarian Ståb [ʃdɔːb]. No synonym in Serbian. Diminutiv štapica, like Bavarian Staberl.
šteker Steckdose / socket Stecker m. "plug". Shift in meaning.
štemovati stemmen / to mortise stemmen, Bavarian stemma.
štep Absteppung / quilting
root Stepp-;  cf. štepati, pro- "quilt, darn"
šticovati stützen (Währung) / back (currency) stützen (lacking in Bavarian).
štikla Stöckel / high heel Bavarian Steckl(schuach) m. [ˈʃdɶgːə] No synonym in Serbian.
štimovati stimmen / tune stimmen, Bavarian stimma; base stimm- + Slavic derivation morpheme ov- + infinitive morpheme ati. No synonym in Serbian.
štimung (gute) Stimmung / (good) atmosphere, mood 
Stimmung f. = Bavarian.
štirkati, u- stärken (e. Gewebe) / starch Bavarian stirkn (the definite form, uštirkati, is more called for in use than the indefinite, štirkati).
štof Stoff / cloth Stoff m. = Bavarian; mebl štofovi “Möbelstoffe m. pl./ upholstery fabrics”; ovi is a Serbian plural ending. Not a composite noun, as in German: mebl is felt to be an attribute. No synonym in Serbian.
štok Türstock / door frame (Tür)stock m. ~ Bavarian. No synonym in Serbian.
štrajk Streik / strike, stoppage The š points to German as the intermediary language.
štramplice pl. Strampelanzug, hose / rompers Serbian derivation of Strampel-. -e is the Serbian feminine plural ending.
štreber Streber / swot, nerd Streber m. (= Bavarian). No synonym in Serbian.
štrikati stricken / knit stricken, Bavarian strickn, stricka. No synonym in Serbian.
štringla Wollknäuel / ball of wool Reminds of German Strang, "skein, thread"; the Bavarian diminutive would be Strangl [[ʃdraŋgl], though. Synonym kanura.
štrudla Strudel (ö) / — Strudel m., Bavarian Strudl. No synonym in Serbian.
štrufna Strumpfband / garter Strumpf m. = Bavarian. The ending -na often corresponds to the Bavarian weak feminine ending -n, which is not called for here. No synonym in Serbian.
štucne pl. Stutzen (ö) / socks Stutzen m. pl., Bavarian Stutzn. -e is the Serbian feminine plural ending.
šunka Kochschinken / cooked ham Bavarian Schunkn m.; "Rohschinken / raw ham" is pršut ~ Italian prosciutto. No synonym in Serbian.
šupa Schupfen (ö), Schuppen / shack Schuppen. No synonym in Serbian.
šuster Schuster / shoemaker Schuster m. ≠ Bavarian Schuaster Synonym obućar.
šustikla Zierdeckchen / doily Perhaps Bavarian diminutive of Schaustück n., "display piece".
švajsovati schweißen / to weld schweißen (≠ Bavarian schwoassn); Slavic derivation morpheme -ov plus infinitive morpheme -ati.
Art Schwartenmagen / kind of brawn
Bavarian Schwartl n. (diminutive), of Schwarte f., "crust, rind" of porc.  Spontanous shift t > g.
šverc Schwarzmarkt / black-marketeering
Somehow from schwarz, Bavarian schwårz, “black.”
švorc pleite / broke Viennese schwårz [ʃβɔ͡ads] "broke" (obsolete use ).
tabakera Tabattière / cigarette case Cf. Tabattière f.
tacna Tasse (ö) / saucer, tray Bavarian Tatzn [ˈdaːdsn]; < Italian tazza < Arabic طاس ṭās (< Persian). No synonym in Serbian for "saucer"; for "tray", also poslužavnik may be said (poslužiti is "to serve").
tanc Tanz / dance Tanz (Bavarian Dånz); tancovati “tanzen / dance (verb).”
tašna Tasche / bag Tasche, and Bavarian Tåschn [dɔːʃn], f. No synonym in Serbian.
tašner Taschner / bag maker Taschner m.; ≠ Bavarian Tåschner. No synonym in Serbian.
tegla Tiegel / crucible Bavarian tēgl m. No synonym in Serbian.
tepih Teppich / carpet Teppich m. = Bavarian (Vienna: [ˈdeːβix]). Synonym sag. Cf. ćilim "kilim".
tišleraj Tischlerei / joinery Tischlerei f. = Bavarian. Synonym drvenarija (drven "wooden").
trafika Tabaktrafik (ö) / tobacconist Trafik f. = Bavarian.
tranzistor Transistor(radio) / transistor radio Most probably from the German, Transistor m.
tregeri (m. pl.) Hosenträger / suspenders (Hosen)träger m. pl. (≠ Bavarian -tråger).
trotoar Trottoir (ö) / sidewalk From the French, though probably through German Trottoir n.= Bavarian [drodoˈaː]. No synonym in Serbian.
tufer Tupfer (med.) / dabber, swab Tupfer m. = Bavarian.
tufna Tupfen / spot Tupfen m. = Bavarian.
ufačlovati einfa(t)schen (ö) / to bandage, dress (a wound) From Fasche (ö), Bavarian Fatschn (Vienna), “bandage” (from Italian fascia), with Serbian u- prefix translating German ein ; infinitive morpheme -ati.
unterciger (lange Männer-)Unterhose /
long pants, long johns
Bavarian *Unterziager (= zieher).
unterhaltovati se
(viel) ausgehen, etc. / going places, joining committees (busybody) sich unterhalten "to entertain o'self", "to have fun"; Serbian se corresponds to German sich. Not much in use anymore. From Vojvodina.
vafl, plur. vafli Waffel(n) / wafers Waffel f., Bavarian Waffl.
vaga Waage / scales Waage; ≠ Bavarian Wåg. No synonym in Serbian. Derivative vagati "to weigh (out)."
valcer Walzer / waltz Walzer m. (≠ Bavarian Wålzer [ˈβɔ͡edsɒ]).
vangla (kleine) Wanne / (small) trough Bavarian Wandl n. [βandl] (Diminutiv of Wånn). Spontanous change d > g.
vaservaga Wasserwaage / (spirit) level Wasserwaage f. (≠ Bavarian Wåsserwåg).
vata Watta (ö) / cotton wool Bavarian Watta (from Italian ovatta).
vaza Vase / vase Vase f.; ≠ Bavarian (Viennese) Vasn [βaːsn]. No synonym in Serbian.
vekna Wecken (ö) / oblong loaf Wecken m., Bavarian Weckn. No synonym in Serbian.
venecijaner Innenjalousie, Jalousette / Venetian blind Venezianer m. “Venetian”; not in use (anymore?) in this meaning. Both the Serbian c and the ending -aner attest to German origin.
vergl Leierkasten / hurdy gurdy Bavarian Werkl n. An ending -a might be expected. No synonym in Serbian.
veš (Leib)wäsche, Unterkleidung / underwear Bavarian Wäsch f. [βeːʃ]. No synonym in Serbian.
veš mašina Waschmaschine / washing machine Waschmaschine f. ≠ Bavarian Wåschmaschin [ˈβɔʃmaˌʃiːn]; Wäsch(e) “laundry” is substituted for the verb waschen ~ wåschn “to wash”.
vic Witz / joke Witz m. (= Bavarian). Synomym šala.
vikleri m. pl. Lockenwickler / curlers (Locken)wickler m. pl = Bavarian. -i is the Serbian masculine plural ending. Synonym papilotne from French papillotes f., though with the Bavarian weak feminine ending -n: was there ever a Viennese Papillotten ?
viršla Würstel / Viennese sausages Bavarian Wirschtl n. Cf. Hungarian virsli [-ʃ-]. No synonym in Serbian.
višivaši Geschwätz, Gewäsch / gibberish Bavarian Wischiwaschi. Rare.
volan Volant (ö), Lenkrad / steering wheel From the French, though probably through Austrian Volant [βoˈlɑ̃ː].
vulkan Vulkan / volcano Vulkan. The forms in other European languages do not resemble as perfectly.
vulkanizirati vulkanisieren / vulcanising vulkanisieren = Bavarian. At least the verbalising morphem -ir- is German. Agent noun vulkanizer “Vulkaniseur / vulcaniser.”
ziherna(n)dla Sicherheitsnadel / safety pin Bracketting Sicher(heits)nadel f.; ≠ Bavarian nådl; partly with sponaneous epenthesis (-nd- for -d-).. No synonym in Serbian.
žiri (m.) Jury / jury German Jury f. = Bavarian. In Austria, this word is pronounced in the French way [ʒyˈriː]; this is what is rendered by Serbian žiri.

Some analysis


German a usually corresponds to Bavarian å [ɔ]. The Serbian words have partly a (according to Standard German), partly o (according to Bavarian).
a: tašner < Taschner (≠ Tåschner), halteri with Serbian plural ending  -i < (Strumpf)halter (≠  hålter), brushalter < *Brusthalter (not in use), šalter < Schalter (≠ Bavarian Schålter), rajsnadla < Reißnagel (≠ Bavarian  någl), bademantil < Bademantel (≠ Bavarian *Bådmåntl), kragna < Kragen (≠ Bavarian Krågn [grɔːŋ]), špahna < Spachtel (≠ Bavarian Spåchtl [ˈʃbɔxdl]).
In some cases the source of the Serbian word is Bavarian, nevertheless the Serbian has the a of Standard German: malter < Malter (≠ Målter [ˈmɑ͡edˑɒ]) – Standard German has Mörtel; tašna < Standard German Tasche, Bavarian Tåschn [ˈdɔʃn].
o: moler < Måler (≠ Maler); grob < Gråb (≠ Grab); grof < Gråf (≠ Graf); krofna < Kråpfen (≠ Krapfen); šperploča < Sperr(holz)plåtten (≠  platte); šolja < Schålen (≠ Schale).
Serbian a may also correspond to German + Bavarian au : šraf < Bavarian Schraufen (German Schraube); šrafciger < Schaufenziager (German Schraubenzieher).
Bavarian au also results from å before n or m: kramp < Bavarian Kråmpen [ˈgrɑ͡ɔmbˑm] (German Krampen), amper < Bavarian Amper [ˈɑ͡ɔmbˑɐ] (German Eimer), bademantil: Bavarian  måntel [-mɑ͡ɔndˑl].
The Bavarian diphthong ia (Standard German ie [iː]) is consequently rendered in Serbian as the monophthong i : cigla < Ziagel (German Ziegel); šrafciger < Schraufenziager (German Schraubenzieher); mider < Miader (German Mieder); šiber "Riegel" < Schiaber (German Schieber).


Labial obstruents

German initial b, before vowel or liquid (Middle High German p > Bavarian [b̥]):
pertla    piksla    pleh    prokelj

German b between vowels (Bavarian [β]):
keleraba    ribati   ribizla    šiber

German b between liquid and vowel (Bavarian [b̥]):
šerpa   but   farba
German b between vowel and liquid (Bavarian [β]):

German final b, after vowel (Bavarian [b̥]):
štap    grob

German / Bavarian pf:
fušer    kifla    krofna    štrufna
štopati    šupa ”Schupfen“ (unless from Schuppen)