NOTE: Early stage papers and discussion papers are available at open resources such as CEPR, EconPapers and/or SSRN . Below you will find most of the DPs published in the past three years.


2024 Stock Repurchases, ESG Ratings and Systemic Risk in Banking. (coming soon)
2023Leverage, Competitiveness, and Systemic Risk in Banking., published in: Vierteljahreshefte zur Wirtschaftsforschung: Aktuelle Herausforderungen der Regulierungs-, Geld- und Währungspolitik 92(3), 2023.
2023How did banks' ESG conduct affect financial performance and lending during COVID-19?
2022Non-standard errors, published in: Journal of Finance, 2024.
2022Transatlantic differences in bank resiliency published in G. Caporale (ed.): Handbook of Financial Integration, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2024.
2022Extending the demand system approach to asset pricing.
2022Dual sourcing and resilient supply chains: The case of essential resources, published in: Atlantic Economic Journal 2023.
2022R&D and subsidy policy with imperfect project classification, published in: Economics Letters 222, 2023.
2021Credit market competition and bank capitalization.
2021On the instability of private intertemporal liquidity provision, published in: Economics Letters 209, 2021.
2021Intermediation and price volatility, published in: Journal of Economic Theory, 2022.
2021Speculative and precautionary demand for liquidity in competitive banking systems.
2021Social responsibility and bank resiliency, published in: Journal of Financial Stability 2024.