Current teaching at the University of Vienna: see the online course directory.

Courses taught at the University of Vienna:

  • Cultures of the Uralic peoples (regularly)
  • Comparative Uralic phonology and morphosyntax (regularly)
  • Introduction into Finnic language studies (regularly)
  • Introduction into linguistics (regularly)
  • Introduction into Finno-Ugric gender studies
  • History of Finno-Ugric studies
  • Introduction into the Komi language
  • Introduction into the Livonian language
  • Introduction into the Karelian language
  • Language, society and culture
  • Lexicology and word-formation
  • Multilingualism and language contact
  • etc.

ERASMUS guest courses/lectures held at other universities:

  • Finnish-Swedish language contacts (Szeged 2014, Hamburg 2008)
  • Typology and contacts of the Hungarian language (Berlin/Humboldt 2010)
  • Minor Finnic languages (Hamburg 2004)
  • Finno-Ugric gender studies (Tartu 2007)
  • etc.


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