EuGH-Debate: Headscarf at the work place in private economy

In march 2016 the EuGH in Luxemburg concernded itself with the subject headscarf at the work place in private economy. Two lawsuits are filed, a sentence is expected shortly. In one of the lawsuits the responsible Advocate General Juliane Kott submitted a final request saying that the ban of the head scarf was permissible and no violation of the  General Equal Treatment Act. The acteurs working in the anti discrimination space, Dr. Sabine Berghahn, the Netzwerk gegen Diskriminierung und Islamfeindlichkeit/Inssan e.V., the Aktionsbündnis muslimischer Frauen (AmF) and Dr. Birgit Sauer, subtended arguments against this request and tried to approach the court with Amicus-Curiae-letters. These letters weren’t accepted by the court (with the argumentation that the court wasn’t allowed to speak with third persons about the argumentation of the Advocate General), but all who are engaged in this subject could find some useful information there. The fact that the responsible Advocate General of the second lawsuit, Eleanor Sharpston, came to another result, is still giving us hope. You can follow the debate under these links.