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Andreas Zöttl

Andreas received his PhD in Physics from the TU Berlin in 2014. He has been awarded an EU-funded Marie Skłodowska Curie Individual Fellowship to work at the University of Oxford and continued his postdoctoral work at the ESPCI Paris. After a short research stay as a Junior Research Fellow at the Erwin Schrödinger Institute in Vienna, he has been awarded a Lise-Meitner Fellowship to work at the TU Wien. He joined University of Vienna as a University Assistant in 2021, and finished his habilitation in December 2022. His research focuses on theoretical and numerical modeling of soft and active matter systems such as the individual and collective dynamics of microswimmers and microparticles in flow, in confinement and in complex fluids.

Lisa Sappl (PhD student)

Supervision together with Christos Likos

Lisa studies polymers out-of-equilibrium using hydrodynamic MPCD simulations.

Sadia Schülke (master student)

Sadia studies microswimmers using hydrodynamic MPCD simulations.

Stephan Hufnagl (master student)

Supervision together with Christos Likos

Stephan studies the effective interaction of star-shaped colloids using Brownian dynamics simulations.

Johannes Pichler (master student)

Johannes studies the hydrodynamics of deformable swimming cells.

Selma Köhler (master student)

Selma models bacteria dynamics in confinement.

Previous students at University of Vienna:

Sridhar Bulusu, Christoph Schneck, Timo Bachmann, Anna Buchner