Elisabeth Haid has kindly written a comprehensive report of our Workshop “The Great Transformation” (Nov 29 – 30, 2018 in Vienna). Due to some internal restructuring at the platform H/SOZ/KULT there has been some delay in the publication of it. But here it is now!

““Verfassungsrecht vergeht, Verwaltungsrecht besteht”, according to the German jurist Otto Mayer. To what extent can this statement be applied to the successor states of the Habsburg Monarchy? This workshop was organized to shed some light on this question. It focused on the transformation of public administration that took place after 1918, paying particular attention to changes in the administrative personnel. Five presentations traced continuities and discontinuities in different successor states and regions of the Habsburg Monarchy, and a sixth and final presentation complemented the picture with a description of the civil service in Germany. Although the presentations generally noted a high degree of continuity in the public administration in the immediate aftermath of the political upheavals of 1918, they nonetheless did address various reforms to service regulations and administrative structures, as well as certain changes in administrative personnel. […]”

Want to read more? Here is the whole text which has just been published on H/SOZ/KULT.