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Tripartite symbiosis formed by Pisum sativum, rhizobia and mycorrhiza
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a) Peer-reviewed Journals

- S. Schneider, D. Harant, G. Bachmann, T. Nägele, I. Lang and S. Wienkoop (2019)
Subcellular Phenotyping: Using proteomics to quantitatively link subcellular leaf protein and organelle distribution analyses of Pisum sativum cultivars
Frontiers in Plant Science|Plant Proteomics|Targeted Plant Proteomics.

- G. Desalegn, R. Turetschek, S. Wienkoop, H.P. Kaul (2019).
Didymella pinodes affects N and P uptakes and their efficiencies in a tripartite mutualism of pea.
Agronomy - Soil and Plant Nutrition - Symbiotic Associations of Plants with Beneficial Microbes: Perspectives and Challenges for Agronomical Applications.

- N. Ranjbar–Sistani, H.P. Kaul, G. Desalegn, S. Wienkoop (2017)
Rhizobium Impacts on Seed Productivity, Quality and Protection of Pisum sativum Upon Disease Stress Caused by Didymella pinodes: phenotypic, proteomic and metabolomic traits.
Frontiers in Plant Science. Plant Breeding

- E. Larrainzar & S. Wienkoop (2017)
A proteomic view on the role of legume symbiotic interactions.
Frontiers in Plant Science, Plant Proteomics

- R. Turetschek, G.Desalegn, T. Epple, H.–P. Kaul and S. Wienkoop (2017).
Key metabolic traits of Pisum sativum maintain cell vitality during Didymella pinodes infection: cultivar resistance and the microsymbionts´ influence.
Journal of Proteomics

- G.Desalegn, R. Turetschek, H.–P. Kaul and S. Wienkoop (2016).
Microbial symbionts affect Pisum sativum proteome and metabolome under Didymella pinodes infection.
Journal of Proteomics

- C.N. Meisrimler, S. Wienkoop, D. Lyon, CM Geilfus, and S. Lüthje (2016).
Long-term iron deficiency: Tracing changes in the proteome of different pea (Pisum sativum L.) cultivars.
Journal of Proteomics

b) Book Chapters

- R. Turetscheck, G. Desalegn, H.–P. Kaul and S. Wienkoop (2016).
A proteomic workflow using high throughput de novo sequencing towards complementation of genome information for improved comparative crop science. In: Proteomics in Systems Biology: Methods Mol Biol, 1394:233-43
Ed.: J. Reinders; Springer New York.
doi: 10.1007/978-1-4939-3341-9_17

c) Publications for the general public and other publications

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