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Duong Ngoc Son

Fakultät für Mathematik

Universität Wien

Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1

1090 Vienna, Austria

Email: son.duong@univie.ac.at


My research interest lies between Several Complex Variables and CR geometry. The topics of my papers include the holomorphic mappings between CR manifolds, geometry of CR-umbilical points, eigenvalue problems for the Kohn-Laplacian, estimates for the Bergman kernels, immersions of CR manifolds, the Chern-Moser-Weyl tensor, CR maps between spheres and other homogeneous models, and the ∂-complex on Hermitian manifolds.


Recently published papers

For an almost complete list of my research preprints, see arXiv or my Publication List.

Conference and Seminar Talks

I have participated and given mathematical talks at conferences and seminars around the globe. Below is a list of talks at conferences and seminars that I was invited.

Invited conference talks

Seminar talks

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