University of Vienna (PhD level)

  • 'Summer School: Global Change and Sustainability in Physical Geography'
  • 'Doctoral seminar: Physical Geography'

University of Vienna (all levels)

  • 'Physiogeographical Field Trip: Geohighlights of Southern Brazil'
  • 'Physiogeographical Field Trip: Geohighlights of the Eastern Alps'
  • 'Physiogeographical Field Trip (incl. preparatory seminar): Kyrgyzstan - geomorphology, natural hazards, geoecology'
  • 'Physiogeographical Field Trip (incl. preparatory seminar): Nepal - geomorphology, natural hazards, geoecology'
  • 'Physiogeographical Field Trip (incl. preparatory seminar): Slovenia and Croatia - karst and coastal geomorphology, natural hazards, rivers and conservation'
  • 'Physiogeographical Field Trip: Thayatal'
  • 'Physiogeographical Field Trip: Loess and Cristalline Landscapes of North-West Lower Austria'
  • 'Physiogeographical Field Trip: Austria's Grand Canyon - geomorphology and geoecology of the "Ötschergräben"'
  • 'Physiogeographical Field Trip: Mountain Torrents in Vienna'
  • 'Physiogeographical Field Trip: Geomorphology of the Salzkammergut'

University of Vienna (Master level)

  • 'Course: Earth Surface Dynamics Lab'
  • 'Course: Earth Surface Dynamics: Human Impact on Geomorphological Systems'
  • 'Lecture: Fundamentals of Global Change and Sustainability from a geographic perspective'
  • 'Seminar: Inter- and Transdisciplinary Approaches to Global Change and Sustainability'
  • 'Lecture: Pathways to Sustainability: Knowledge, Action and Policy Landscapes'
  • 'Course: Earth Surface Dynamics: Landforms, Processes and Materials (Focus: Human Impact)'
  • 'Course: Basics in Earth Surface Dynamics and Management'
  • 'Course: Earth Surface Dynamics: Landforms, Processes and Materials'
  • 'Exercise: MES-4 Individual Research Project'
  • 'Course: Scientific Progress in Natural Hazards and Disaster Management / Geomorphology'
  • 'Course: Remote sensing and modelling in soil erosion and landslide research'
  • 'Lecture: Soil erosion research: principles, methods, management'
  • 'Exercise: Practical Training in Geomorphology and Natural Hazards Research'
  • 'Seminar: River Patterns at the Catchment Scale: Analysis of Landscape Connectivity' (together with Prof. Gary Brierley)
  • 'Physiogeographical Field Trip: Connectivity and Conversation in the Thayatal Region' (together with Prof. Gary Brierley)
  • 'Colloquium for Geomorphology' regularly
  • 'Lecture: Terrestrial Systems' regularly
  • 'Seminar: Remote Sensing in Physical Geography'
  • 'Seminar in Physical Geography'

University of Vienna (Bachelor level)

  • 'StEOP (Lecture): Fundamentals in Physical Geography'
  • 'Lecture: Basics in Geography of Climate and Hydrology'
  • 'Lecture: Basics in Biogeography'
  • 'Lecture: Doing research in Geography'
  • 'Physiogeographical Field Trip: Soil erosion research in Lower Austria'
  • 'Exercises in Physical Geography'
  • 'Field Methods in Physical Geography'
  • 'Lecture: Introduction to Geomorphology'
  • 'Preparatory Seminar: Writing a Bachelor Paper in Physical Geography'
  • 'Bachelor Seminar: Physical Geography - Geomorphology, Geoecology and Human Impact Research'
  • 'Field Class: Field Class in Physical Geography, Enns Valley'
  • 'Exercises: Exercises in Geomorphology'
  • 'Field Trip: Introductory Field Trip I (Human and Physical Geography): Vienna'
  • 'Lecture: Introduction to Biological Geography and Landscape Ecology'
  • 'Exercises: Exercises in Biogeography and Landscape Ecology'
  • 'Exercises: Exercises in vegetation geography'

University of Vienna (Teacher's education)

  • 'Lecture: Introduction to Physical Geography'
  • 'Field class in Physical Geography for teacher candidates'
  • 'Lecture: Human Use of Natural Resources and Human-Environment Interactions'
  • 'Seminar: Introduction to Geomorphology'
  • 'Lecture: Introduction to Geomorphology and Geoecology'
  • 'Exercises: Introduction to Geomorphology'
  • 'Seminar: Seminar on Landscape Ecology and Natural Environment Research'
  • 'Exercises: Exercises in vegetation geography'

University of Vienna (Children's education)

  • Kinderuniversität Wien - Workshop entitled "Gletscher weg. Eis egal?" Kinderuniversität Wien, 2019, 2023 [In German]
  • Kinderuni on Tour - Workshop entitled "Wasser und Klimawandel - was können wir tun, wenn es gefährlich wird?" Kinderuniversität Wien, 2019 [In German]
  • Kinderuniversität Wien - Workshop entitled "Jetzt taut´s: Wasser marsch statt Pistenspaß! Warum es auf der Erde immer wärmer wird." Kinderuniversität Wien, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017 [In German]
  • UniClub Wien - Workshop zum Thema "Landnutzung und Hochwasserrisiko im Wandel? Wie GeographInnen die Lage in Hinterbrühl analysieren." Winter Science Camp, 2012 [In German]
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