About me

I am an astrophysicist studying the formation of stars and planets, with main focus on the feedback between the accretion and ejection processes in low mass protostars. I am a research associate at the University of Vienna, leading the collaborative EU H2020/SPACE project NEMESIS (Grant Agreement No. 101004141). I am, at the same time, principal investigator of the FFG-funded projects FORMES & PROTEUS, and the now successfully completed project JetPro*. As part of my previous involvement to the  Disc-Analysis E.U. FP7 project, I am maintaining the DIOD database, which contains the largest collection of panchromatic datasets for protoplanetary disk sources. I am actively involved observational and theoretical projects aiming to study the interaction of all structural components governing the formation of stars; from the origin, evolution and impact of jets and outflows on protostellar envelopes, to the early formation of protoplanetary disks in protostars, to their evolution in T Tauri and Herbig Ae systems.

My career path started from Athens, Greece where I graduated in physics and received masters degrees in astrophysics and in business administration. Before reaching Vienna I was a graduate fellow in the Spitzer Science Center in Pasadena, a Marie Curie fellow (JetSet, E.U. FP6) at the Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma and a postdoc at the Centre for Star and Planet formation and at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen.

For an overview of my research profile visit ORCiD: