About me

Welcome to my corner of the academic universe! As a passionate researcher and lecturer at the University of Vienna, I embark on a journey through the corridors of time, delving into the realms where history intertwines with myth.

Recognizing the profound importance of unraveling the threads of our past, I am dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge through the lens of archaeology. In a world where the whispers of antiquity are at risk of fading into obscurity, I firmly believe that understanding our roots is crucial for the flourishing of mankind.

Embracing the notion that history is not merely a chronicle of events but a living narrative that shapes our present and future, my academic journey revolves around scientific protocols and methodological rigor. My focus lies in exploring the expansive terrain of archaeological prospection, which has seen significant advancements thanks to modern technologies such as remote sensing and large-scale archaeological surveys, to which I could contribute in the last decade. By employing meticulous archaeological techniques, I strive to uncover the hidden narratives buried beneath layers of time, contributing to the collective understanding of our shared human story.