Website of Katja Mayer.
This website ist under construction, please refer to the project website Politics of Openness: Open Data Practices in the Computational Social Sciences

Until end of 2018 Katja Mayer was a Postdoctoral Researcher at TUM, Computational Social Science and Big Data. From March 2019 she has taken a new position at the University of Vienna, Department of Science and Technology Studies as Elise Richter fellow. Her current research focus is on open data practices in Computational Social Science (see link above).
She participates in the research platform Governance of Digital Practices. Furthermore, she is senior scientist at ZSI - Center for Social Innovation in Vienna

More info:
Uni Vienna, Department of Science and Technology Studies
TU Munich Computational Social Science and Big Data
ZSI Centre for Social Innovation Vienna
Critical Data Studies @ University of Lucerne, summer term 2020

Co-Editor: Humanities and Social Sciences Communication / Nature - Citizen Social Science: Active Citizenship vs. Data Commodification
Co-Editor: Critical Data and Algorithm Studies / Frontiers
Critical Data Science Workshop @ ICWSM19
Europen Commission Mutual Learning Exercise (Policy Support Facility) on Open Science
Wikimedia Fellowship Open Science
ICWSM 2019 at TUM



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