Immo Trinks

Assoz. Prof., Priv. Doz., Dipl. geophys., Ph.D. (Cantab)
ORCID: 0000-0001-9447-7691

I am a near-surface geophysicist focussing on the advancement of geoarchaeological prospection methods and their exemplary application to archaeological sites throughout Europe. My research interests comprise extensive high-resolution georadar and underwater archaeological prospection surveys, the enhancement of appropriate data processing and visualisation algorithms, as well as the non-invasive investigation of outstanding cultural heritage sites in Scandinavia and Mediterranean countries. Through application of prospection technology in unprecedented scale and resolution, I aim to contribute to the archaeological understanding of the extent, structure, history and environment of cultural heritage sites, contributing to their protection. The investigation of physical processes that govern the detectability of buried archaeological remains and methodological improvements are important aspects of my research.


Contact details and teaching

Prospective Master and PhD students: Please feel free to get in touch if you wish to explore any collaborative opportunities with me or VIAS, or if you would like to discuss your research ideas.

Key Research Topics

  • Methodological and technological advancement of geoarchaeological prospection methods
  • Large-scale application of efficient high-resolution ground penetrating radar measurements
  • Efficient high-resolution underwater geoarchaeological prospection using side-scan, multi-beam and sediment sonar measurements
  • Processes and parameters affecting geoarchaeological detectability of buried structures
  • Scandinavian Iron Age sites

Key Fieldwork Sites and Projects

  • Viking Age Birka-Hovgården, Sweden
  • Viking Age Uppåkra, Sweden
  • Iron Age Ales Stenar, Sweden
  • Viking Age Gamla Uppsala, Sweden
  • Medieval Borgholm, Sweden
  • Viking Age Borre, Norway
  • Iron Age Odberg Lagendalen, Norway
  • Viking Age Sorte Muld, Bornholm, Denmark
  • Minoan Akrotiri, Thera, Greece
  • Ancient Lousoi, Greece
  • Prehistoric pile dwelling remains in Mondsee, Austria
  • Prehistoric pile dwelling remains in Attersee, Austria


Scientific Cooperations

Academic Career

Oct. 2020 – present:  Head of the Vienna Institute for Archaeological Science (VIAS), University of Vienna

Feb. 2022 – present: Associate Professor, VIAS

Oct. 2020 – Jan. 2022: Assistant Professor, VIAS

Apr. 2017 – Apr. 2021:  Vice Director of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Archaeological Prospection and Virtual Archaeology (LBI ArchPro), Vienna

Apr. 2012 – Mar. 2017:  Head of Research and Development of the LBI ArchPro

Oct. 2011 – Oct. 2020:  External lecturer for geophysical archaeological prospection at Vienna University

Jul. 2010 – Apr. 2012:  Key-researcher Geophysical Archaeological Prospection at the LBI ArchPro

Mar. 2005 – Jun. 2010: Development and Exploration Geophysicist, Swedish National Heritage Board, Stockholm

Jun. 2004 – Feb. 2005:  Senior Research Associate, e-Science Research Institute, Department for Earth Sciences, Durham University, UK

Academic Education

Dec. 2016:     Habilitation in Near-Surface Geophysics, TU Wien, Austria

1999–2004:    Ph.D., Cambridge University, United Kingdom

1995–1999:    Diploma in Geophysics, Christian-Albrechts University, Kiel, Germany

1994:     Pre-diploma in Geophysics, Ludwig-Maximilans-University, Munich, Germany