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Postaddresse: Institut für Sprachwissenschaft
Universität Wien
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LaTeX Macro For Semantic Types

I couldn't on the web find a macro for conveniently writing semantic types, so here's what I came up with:
  \def\ty#1 {\texttt{\@tyi#1\empty}}
To see how to use it, copy it and try compiling...
  \ty e

  \ty st

  \ty {et}t

  \ty e{et}

  \ty {et}{iz}

  \ty {et}{i{cz}}

  \ty {{12}{et}}{i{cz}}
(And, yes, folks, that's right: simple types do not go in braces!)

Unalternative Semantics

This page collects papers on infos on my current research about focus semantics and pragmatics (English only).

Optimality Theory Tableau Generator CSV-to-LaTeX

This is a python script to generate OT tableaux from .csv files. It is an adaptation of Anthony Brohan's OT tableau generator with a number of features added.

Download the ZIP-file here, unzip (the file, not you!) and find the script, installation instructions and demos. Comments welcome.

LaTeX Macro for Intonational Contours

This newcommand provides a relatively easy way to latex intonational contours like so:
Sorry, no pic

And for something completely different...

Meine neue Partie (also: die Band, in der ich z.Zt. spiele)
Weiteres aus meiner musikalischen Vergangenheit