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On Touching



in the history of philosophy we encounter quite a fascinating gang of thinkers who have already tried to solve this problem. they have iterated questions like »What is the sense of touching?» or » is it possible at all to think touching?» the second question, especially, will haunt me in this talk, because there do exist good reasons to assume that any relationship between touching & thinking is, in itself, an aporetic one. this becomes evident as soon as one remembers that thinking has been designated as a mode of touching the untouchable. According to this powerful tradition, the performance of thinking touches precisely that very aspect of something that cannot be touched — namely its literal meaning. hence, one touches something in a thoughtful way only as long as one does not touch it in a sheer physical manner, like i am touching this book here and now: in a crude, physical manner. it’s a gesture that immediately looks insensitive. [arno indeed takes a book in his hands and presses his fingers forcefully on its cover.]

Gesamter Performance-Film

Realisiert im Rahmen des Projektes „Drehmomente. Körper – Performance – Stimme. Festschrift für Sybille Krämer“ 2011:


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