Prague-Staré Město 175: Seminářská 2

Prague-Staré Město 175/Seminářská 2 6/15, photo: AT
Prague-Staré Město 175/Seminářská 2
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A number is a number is a house number
In the resolution issued on March 8, 1770 it was stipulated that the house number be painted above the doorway "visibly and continuously with black colour without the prior attachment of an extra plate". Yet it seems not to have been self-evident that the number displayed was actually a house number, and so characters had to be added: Prefixes like Nro, N:, N°, Nro, or Čís (Číslo = Czech for number) were to indicate that the respective number represented a house number rather than, e.g. a date.
To the above house numbers 561 and 562 were assigned during the conscription of 1770.

References; see also exhibition: Basle 424, archives: N°, Nro, N:, Nr., Čís...

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