Brno 196: Dominikánské náměstí 1

Brno 196/Dominikánské náměstí 1: city hall 7/15, photo: AT
Brno 196/Dominikánské náměstí 1: city hall
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The persistence of the number (I)
In the Czech Republic, the conscription numbers' ability to survive changing political environments proved even stronger than in Austria. In many localities they are attached to houses together with the orientation number, e.g. as shown above on the Brno city hall.
    Left: číslo popisné (descriptive or conscription number), Brno-město 196 (Brno-City 196)
    Right: číslo orientační (orientation number), Dominikánské náměstí 1 (Dominican Square 1)

As for Brno, their appearance has been specified as follows: size of black plates 280 * 200 mm, length of black outer frame 10 mm, length of white contrasting stripe 5 mm; font colour of figures is white, font type Arial CE bold, size 300-350 pt, the size of characters may vary between 80 and 150 points.
The císlo popisné is still in use for certain administrative purposes; e.g., Czech citizens' identity cards where indicating the place of residence display both numbers.

References; see also exhibition: Vienna 1350, archives: Persistence

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