About me

Bodomo_252__ BarbaraMairI am a Professor of African Studies at the University of Vienna with the following research expertise:

* African linguistics (African language structures and situations)
* African diasporas / Africa-China Relations / Global African diaspora studies
* Documentation and revitalization of African languages and literatures
* Digital humanities (languages, literacies, and literatures in the age of IT).

I have broad interests in analyzing current African and global affairs.


Latest Publications

Hiraiwa, K., Akanlig-Pare, G., Atintono, S., Bodomo, A., Essizewa, K., & Hudu, F. 2017. A comparative syntax of internally-headed relative clauses in Gur. Glossa: a journal of general linguistics, 2(1), 27. DOI: http://doi.org/10.5334/gjgl.40

Bodomo, A. B. 2016. The Ghanaian community in Hong Kong and Guangzhou. In The socio-spatial landscape of international migration zones in Guangzhou, eds. Zhigang Li et al.  Nanjing: Southeast University Press.

Bodomo, A. B. 2016. Afriphone literature as a prototypical form of African literature: Insights from prototype theory. In:  Advances in Language and Literary Studies. 7, 5, p. 262-267.

Bodomo, A. B. & Pajancic, C. 2016. Counting beans: Some empirical and methodological problems for calibrating the African presence in Greater China, in: Africans in China. Guangdong and Beyond (ed. Adams Bodomo), 2016. Diasporic Africa Press, New York. p. 139-155.

Bodomo, A. B. /et al. 2015. Overcoming Barriers to Health Care Access: A Qualitative Study among African Migrants in Guangzhou, China. In: Global Public Health.

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