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“Improving Debt Management on the Basis of UNCTAD's Principles”, in: Carlos Espósito, Yuefen Li, and Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky (eds) Sovereign Financing and International Law, The UNCTAD Principles on Responsible Sovereign Lending and Borrowing, OUP: Oxford etc 2013, pp.163-188

“Las crisis de Grecia y Argentina: paralelismos y diferencias”, Instituto de Iberoamérica de la Universidad de Salamanca, 2013 - please click

“In the case of sovereigns, should official sector debt be subordinated to private sector debt?”, International Financial Law Review (IFLR) July/August 2013, p.20 (advocating the “YES” position in the invited discussion Head to Head) or at http://www.iflr.com/Article/3228952/Head-to-head-In-the-case-of-sovereigns-should-official-sector-debt-be-subordinated-to-private-sector.html

“Griechenland und die Notwendigkeit einer Staatsinsolvenz“, Ökonomenstimme, 1 February 2013, http://www.oekonomenstimme.org/artikel/2013/02/griechenland-und-die-notwendigkeit-einer-staatsinsolvenz/

“Insolvency Protection and Fairness for Greece: Implementing the Raffer Proposal”, in: Elena Papadopoulou & Gabriel Sakellaridis (eds) The Political Economy of Public Debt and Austerity in the EU, Nissos Publications: Athens 2012, pp.225-239 - Paper also available here please click

“Los conceptos de deuda odiosa e ilegitima: ¿cuan útiles son en el marco del crédito internacional responsable?, en: Oscar Ugarteche & Paul Dembinski (eds) Más alla de Bretton Woods, la economía internacional en busca de nuevas instituciones, Editorial Académica Espanola: Saarbrücken 2012, pp.160-181

„Eurokrise und griechische Tragödie verlangen eine Staatsinsolvenz“, Ecolex-Fachzeitschrift für Wirtschaftsrecht, Jänner 2012, S.101-105 - oder direkter Link Bitte klicken

„Norway’s Debt Audit: Comments and Suggestions“, in: Kristian Jahren Øvretveit (ed) The Norwegian Debt Audit from an International Perspective, SLUG, Oslo 2011, pp.16-21

“Global Imbalances and the US Crisis: Is a Bad Excuse Really Better than None?”, in: Mansoob Murshed, Pedro Goulart & Leandro Serino (eds) South-South Globalization Challenges and Opportunities for Development, Routledge: London & New York (Routledge Studies in Development Economics) 2011, pp.61-78

"Ein Insolvenzverfahren für Staaten - Gebot ökonomischer Ratio“, in: Georg E. Kodek & August Reinisch (Hg) Staateninsolvenz, Bank Verlag Wien und Springer, Wien, New York, 2011; Zweite Auflage 2012, S. 33-55

"Should Argentina Accept an IMF-Revision – or Rather Turn to an Independent Rating Agency Instead?", IDEAS, 26 November 2010; please click

"Insolvenz für Staaten – eine rechtsstaatliche und wirtschaftliche Notwendigkeit“, Ecolex – Fachzeitschrift für Wirtschaftsrecht, Mai 2010, S.435-439.

“Neoliberal Capitalism: A Time Warp Backwards to Capitalism’s Origins?” Forum for Social Economics Volume 39, Published online 11 April 2010, http://www.springerlink.com/content/581232331025516p/

"New Resources for an Unreformed IMF?" The India Economy Review, vol.VI, September 2009, pp.196-202 Please click

“Global Public Goods”, in: Philipp A. O'Hara (ed) International Encyclopedia of Public Policy; Vol 1, Global Governance and Development [ASSOCIATE EDITORS: Kunibert Raffer & Glen Segell] GPERU: Perth 2009, pp. 208-219, http://pohara.homestead.com/Encyclopedia/Volume-1.pdf

“OPEC”, in: Philipp A. O'Hara (ed) International Encyclopedia of Public Policy; Vol 1, Global Governance and Development [ASSOCIATE EDITORS: Kunibert Raffer & Glen Segell] GPERU: Perth 2009, pp. 391-402, http://pohara.homestead.com/Encyclopedia/Volume-1.pdf

“Sovereign Debt”, in: Philipp A. O'Hara (ed) International Encyclopedia of Public Policy; Vol 1, Global Governance and Development [ASSOCIATE EDITORS: Kunibert Raffer & Glen Segell] GPERU: Perth 2009, pp. 431-443, http://pohara.homestead.com/Encyclopedia/Volume-1.pdf

“Terms of Trade and Development”, in: Philipp A. O'Hara (ed) International Encyclopedia of Public Policy; Vol 1, Global Governance and Development [ASSOCIATE EDITORS: Kunibert Raffer & Glen Segell] GPERU: Perth 2009, pp. 443-454, http://pohara.homestead.com/Encyclopedia/Volume-1.pdf

“Recht und Gerechtigkeit am Beispiel des rechtlichen Rahmenwerks internationalen Handels”, in: Engelbert Washietl & Eva Pfisterer (Hg) Gerechtigkeit – um die rechte Führung des Lebens“, Schriftenreihe der Waldviertel Akademie, LIT Verlag: Wien, Berlin 2009, S.141-152

“International Institutions and Development”, in: Amitava Krishna Dutt & Jaime Ros (eds) International Handbook of Development Economics, vol. 2, Edward Elgar: Cheltenham & Northampton (Massachusetts) 2008, pp.150-163

“A Food Import Compensation Mechanism: A Modest Proposal to Reduce Food Price Effects on Poor Countries”, G24 Paper, September 2008, please click

“Bretton Woods Institutions and the Rule of Law”, Economic & Political Weekly XLIII(38), 20-26 September 2008, pp.49-56 -or please click

“Risks of Lending and Liability of Lenders”, in: Christian Barry, Barry Herman & Lydia Tomitova (eds) (2007) Dealing Fairly with Developing Country Debt, Blackwell: Malden MA & Oxford, pp.127-151

“The Main Lesson from the Asian Crisis: ''Dragons'' Should Not Fundamentally Change Their Policies”, IDEAS, 4 February 2008; http://www.ideaswebsite.org/featart/feb2008/fa04_Asian_Crisis.htm

"Odious, Illegitimate, Illegal or Legal Debts - What Difference for an International Chapter 9 Debt Arbitration?", Law and Contemporary Problems 70(4) (Autumn 2007), pp.221-248 or please click

“Delivering Greater Information and Transparency in Debt Management”, in: UNCTAD (ed) (2007) Proceedings of the Fifth Inter-regional Debt Management Conference Geneva, 20-22 June 2005, UN: New York and Geneva, (UN Sales No. E.07.II.D.15), pp.79-88 - oder link please click

"Macro-economic Evolutions of Arab Economies: A Foundation for Structural Reforms”, Paper presented at the High-level Roundtable Partnership for Arab Development: A Window of Opportunity at the OPEC Fund for International Development on 5 May 2006, OFID Pamphlet Series no. 36, August 2007, or Pl. click

"Risks of Lending and Liability of Lenders", Ethics & International Affairs 21(1) 2007, pp.85-107

„Handel und Unterentwicklung, Kritische Anmerkungen zur Freihandelsideologie", in: Karin Fischer, Irmi Maral-Hanak, Gerald Hödl, Christof Parnreiter (Hg) (2006) Entwicklung und Unterentwicklung, Eine Einführung in Probleme, Theorien und Strategien, Mandelbaum: Wien, S.105-125 [2nd revised editon, first published in 2004]

"The IMF's SDRM - Simply Disastrous Rescheduling Management?", in: Chris Jochnick & Fraser A. Preston (eds) Sovereign Debt at the Crossroads - Challenges and Proposals for Resolving the Third World Debt Crisis, Oxford University Press: Oxford etc 2006, pp.246-267

"Proposing built-in stabilisers for the international financial system", in: Rainer Grote & Thilo Marauhn (eds) The Regulation of International Financial Markets – Perspectives for Reform, Cambridge University Press: Cambridge / New York 2006, pp.296-316

"Debt Workout Mechanisms: Debt Arbitration", in: Fantu Cheru & Colin Bradford, Jr. (eds) The Millennium Development Goals, Raising the Resources to Tackle World Poverty, Zed Books Ltd: London 2005, pp.156-180

"Internationalizing US Municipal Insolvency: A Fair, Equitable, and Efficient Way to Overcome a Debt Overhang", Chicago Journal of International LawVol. 6, n.1 (Summer 2005), pp.361-380

"Sir Hans Singer: Advocating a Fair Distribution of Fruits of Progress", in: Jomo K.S. (ed) The Pioneers of Development Economics, Great Economists on Development, Tulika Books/ Zed: New Delhi/ London & New York 2005, pp.209-226; or Please click - In the book published in Vietnamese by The Gioi Publishers, VASS, Hà Noi, pp.265-288

"Verschuldung", in: Gerhard Drekonja-Kornat (Hg) Lateinamerikanistik, Der österreichische Weg, LIT Verlag, Wien / Münster 2005, S.379-387

"Considerations for Designing Sovereign Insolvency Procedures", Law, Social Justice & Global Development Journal (LGD) 2005, no.1, http://www.go.warwick.ac.uk/elj/lgd/2005_1/raffer

"The Third World's Debt Problem", in: Blandine Laperche & Dimitri Uzunidis (eds) John Kenneth Galbraith and the Future of Economics, Palgrave Macmillan: Houndmills, Basingstoke (UK) & New York (US) 2005, pp.214-230

"Supping with the Devil without a Long Spoon: The History of the ACP-EU Partnership", in: Peter Herrmann & Arno Tausch (eds) Dar Al Islam. The Mediterranean World System and the Wider Europe: The Chain of Peripheries and the Wider Europe, Nova Science Publishers: New York 2005, pp.3-21

"Multilateral Debt Management and the Poor", in: John-ren Chen & David Sapsford (eds) (2005) Global Development Policy and Poverty Reduction, The Challenges for International Institutions, Edward Elgar: Cheltenham (UK)/Northampton (US) 2005, pp.179-197

"The Present State of the Discussion on Restructuring Sovereign Debts: Which Specific Sovereign Insolvency Procedure?" in: UNCTAD (ed) (2005) Proceedings of the Fourth Inter-regional Debt Management Conference and WADMO Conference, 10-12 November 2003, UN: Geneva & New York, (UN Sales No. E.05.II.D.11), pp.69-74 - link to UNCTAD's homepage on: Internet (links)

"Debt Workout Mechanisms: Debt Arbitration", in: Helsinki Process Secretariat (ed) Helsinki Papers on Global Economic Agenda, Helsinki Process Publication Series 3/2005, Foreign Ministry Publications, Helsinki, pp.187-211

"Estrategias internacionales para poner fin a los problemas de la deuda externa", en: Enara Echart, Luis Miguel Puerto & José Àngel Sotillo (coords.) (2005) Globalización, Pobreza y Desarrollo, Los Retos de la Cooperación Internacional (tomo 2, Encuentros Internacionales Complutense, Ciencia y Sociedad), Catarata: Madrid 2005, pp.179-195

"Las instituciones de Bretton Woods y las crisis monetarias y financieras", ICE - Información Comercial Española, Revista de Economía, No. 816 (julio-agosto 2004), pp.113-128 - enlace en Internet (links)

"The Debt Crisis and the South in the Era of Globalisation", in: Max Spoor (ed) (2004) Globalisation, Poverty and Conflict, A Critical "Development" Reader (Papers of the Conference "50 Years Institute of Social Studies" October 2002, ISS, Den Haag), Kluwer Academic Publishers: Dordrecht, Boston & London, pp.97-115

"International Financial Institutions and Financial Accountability", Ethics & International Affairs, Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs, vol. 18(2), 2004, pp.61-78 - also in the internet Please click

"Measuring the Real Debt Burden: Proposing a New Debt Indicator", DMFAS-Newsletter, The Newsletter of the Debt Management DMFAS-Programme, UNCTAD, No. 16, 1st Semester 2004, p.9 (aussi en français dans Infosygade – Bulletin du programme de gestion de la dette – SYGADE, p.9; version española en Infosygade – Boletín del programa de gestión de la deuda – SYGADE, p.9)

"Applying Musgrave's Branches of Government Expenditures to ODA: Tentative Estimates", Journal für Entwicklungspolitik (JEP) XX(1) 2004, pp.104-119

"Social Expenditure, Pension Systems, and Neoliberalism", Alternatives – Turkish Journal of International Relations 2(3&4) Fall & Winter 2003 - link on: Internet (links)

"Some Proposals to Adapt International Institutions to Developmental Needs", in: John-ren Chen (ed) The Role of International Institutions in Globalisation – The Challenges for Reform, E. Elgar, Cheltenham (UK) & Northampton (US) 2003, pp.81-101

"Ökonomische Überlegungen zu einem Insolvenzrecht für Staaten im Licht der neuen Diskussion", in: Martin Dabrowski, Andreas Fisch, Karl Gabriel & Christoph Lienkamp (Hg), Die Diskussion um ein Insolvenzrecht für Staaten, Bewertungen eines Lösungsvorschlages zur Überwindung der Internationalen Schuldenkrise, Duncker & Humblot, Berlin 2003, S.261-271

"Globalization and Financial Markets", in: Arno Tausch (ed) The Three Pillars of Wisdom? A Reader on Globalization, World Bank Pension Models and Welfare Society, Nova Science Publishers, Hauppauge NY 2003, pp.305-324

"Deuda externa y procedimiento de arbitraje internacional", en: José Antonio Alonso & Vaply FitzGerald (eds) Financiación del desarrollo y coherencia en las politicas de los donantes, Catarata, Madrid 2003, p.49-70

"Características comuns das auditorias e insolvência soberana", em: Maria Lucia Fattorelli Carneiro (organizadora) com a colaboracão de Rodrigo Vieira de Ávila & Maria Auxiliadora Murão Martinez, Auditorio da divida externa: questão de soberania, Contraponto Editora, Campanha Jubileu Sul & Auditoria Cidadã da Divida, Rio de Janeiro 2003, p.173-182

"Memorandum submitted by Professor Kunibert Raffer, Department of Economics, University of Vienna, Austria" (on the IMF's SDRM), in: House of Commons, International Development Committee (2003) The Autumn Meetings of the IMF and the World Bank, Minutes of Evidence and Appendices Tuesday 5 November 2002, Ordered by The House of Commons to be printed on 7 January 2003, The Stationary Office, London [HC(2001-02) 1297-I and HC (2002-03) 256] Appendix 15, pp.73-76 - link on: Internet (links)

"Reforming the Bretton Woods Institutions", Zagreb International Review of Economics and Business (Special Conference Issue), December 2002, pp.97-109

"Sovereign Debt Workout Arrangements", in: Jim Weaver, Didier Jacobs & Jamie Baker (eds), After Neoliberalism – Economic Policies That Work for the Poor, A Collection of Papers Presented at a Conference on Alternatives to Neoliberalism, May 23-24, 2002 in Washington, DC, The New Rules for Global Finance Coalition, Washington DC 2002, pp.88-102 - link on: Internet (links)

"Schemes for Resolving the External Debt Problem", in: Financing for Development , (Proceedings of a Workshop of the G-24 held at Nigeria House, New York, September 6-7, 2001) OPEC Fund for International Development, Pamphlet Series No. 33, Vienna, August 2002, pp.141-169 - link on: Internet (links)

"Cotonou: Slowly Undoing Lomé's Concept of Partnership", Journal für Entwicklungspolitik (JEP) XVIII. Jg., H.2 (2/02), pp.171-185 - link on: Internet (links)

"Arbitration to Solve the Debt Problem“, in: Barry Herman, Federica Pietracci & Krishnan Sharma (eds) Financing for Development, Proposals from Business and Civil Society, UN University Press, Tokyo, New York, Paris 2001, pp.153-159

"New Forms of Dependence in the World System", in: Andreas Müller, Arno Tausch & Paul M. Zulehner (eds) Global Capitalism, Liberation Theology and the Social Sciences, Nova Science Publications, Huntington & New York 2000, pp.169-184

"Lomé or Not Lomé - The Future of European - ACP Co-operation" in: Marjorie Lister (ed) New Perspectives on European Union Development Cooperation, Westview Press, Boulder, Colorado & Oxford 1999, pp.125-143

"The WTO's First Years - The New Regime's Effects on the South", Journal für Entwicklungspolitik (JEP) XV(1) (No. 1/1999) [Special Topic: International Regulation; Topic Editor: K. Raffer], pp.9-28

"Neoliberalism and Globalisation - Justifying Policies of Redistribution", Indian Journal of Applied Economics vol.8, n.1 (January-March 1999) [Part II of the Special Issue in memoriam John Hicks], pp.191-215 (Reprint in: K. Puttaswamaiah (ed) John Hicks, His Contributions to Economic Theory and Application, Transaction Publishers, New Brunswick & London 2001, pp.185-209)

"Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth: Analysing Donors' Aid Statistics", Zagreb International Review of Economics & Business vol.1, n.2 (November 1998), pp.1-21

"Is a Revival of Keynes's Ideas Likely? (Some Comments on Chapters by Gerald M. Meier and Sir Hans W. Singer)" in: Soumitra Sharma (ed) John Maynard Keynes - Keynesianism into the Twenty-First Century, E.Elgar, Cheltenham (UK) and Northampton (MA) 1998, pp.116-127

"The Tobin-Tax: Reviving a Discussion" World Development, vol.26, no.3, March 1998, pp.529-538

"Helping Southern Net Food Importers after the Uruguay Round: A Proposal", World Development, vol.25, n.11 (November 1997), pp.1901-1908

"Is the Debt Crisis Largely Over? - A Critical Look at the Data of International Financial Institutions", in: Richard Auty & John Toye (eds), Challenging the Orthodoxies, Macmillan, London & Basingstoke, 1996, pp.23-39

"Disadvantaging Comparative Advantages: The Problem of Decreasing Returns", in: Renée Prendergast & Frances Stewart (eds), Market Forces and World Development, Macmillan/St.Martin's Press, London & Basingstoke/New York 1994, pp. 75-90 Reprint: "Disadvantaging Comparative Advantages: The Problem of Decreasing Returns" in: H.W. Singer, N. Hatti & R. Tandon (eds) New World Order Series, vol. 20: Trade and Growth; Models and Methods, B.R. Publishing, Delhi 2003, pp.285-304)

"International Financial Institutions and Accountability: The Need for Drastic Change", in: S.M. Murshed & K. Raffer (eds) Trade, Transfers, and Development, Problems and Prospects for the Twenty First Century, E.Elgar, Aldershot 1993, pp. 151-166 [Bulgarische Übersetzung/ Bulgarian Translation in Quintessence-Eldorado, no.6/1993, S.17-25]

"The Effects of Oil-Price Changes on Peripheral Net-Importers: A Crude Estimate with Special Reference to LDACs" in: K. Raffer & M. A. Mohamed Salih (eds) The Least Developed and the Oil-Rich Arab Countries - Dependence, Interdependence or Patronage?, Macmillan/ St. Martin's Press, London & Basingstoke/New York, pp.13-31 [Pre-print: Working Papers in Commerce WPC 91/08, Birmingham University, Department of Commerce, The Birmingham Business School 1991]

"Siphoning Off Resources from the Periphery: The Relevance of Raúl Prebisch's Thinking for the Eighties", in: H.W. Singer, N. Hatti & R. Tandon (eds) New World Order Series, Vol.9: Aid and External Financing in the 1990s, Indus, New Dehli 1991, pp. 583-606 (Reprint, original in: Development & South-South Cooperation, vol.II, n.3 , December 1986, Special Issue: Homage to Raul Prebisch, pp.101-123)

"Tax-Deductible Loan Loss Reserves and International Banking: An Economist's Unbiased Analysis", Working Papers in Commerce WPC 91/ 19, Birmingham University, Department of Commerce, The Birmingham Business School

"Applying Chapter 9 Insolvency to International Debts: An Economically Efficient Solution with a Human Face" World Development, vol.18, n.2, February 1990, pp. 301-313

"Unfavorable Specialisation and Dependence: The Case of Peripheral Raw Material Exporters" World Development, vol.15, no.5, May 1987, Special Issue: Primary Commodities in the World Economy, ed. by A. Maizels, pp. 701-713

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