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El Calderón cómico. The meaning of pure theatre

Calderón’s comical comedies deserve being re-read, they are much more than just entertainment. I am glad to count on the collaboration of Dr. María Ortega, Dr. Simon Kroll and Prof. Christopher Laferl. Our favourite comedies: Mejor está que estaba, La selva confusa, La banda y la flor, Las manos blancas no ofenden, Los empeños de un acaso.

The Interpretation of Childbirth in Early Modern Spain

Pregnancy, childbirth, the grim and wonderful business of procreation: these topics are related to all other fields of society. In 17th century Spain childbirth was accompanied and guided by symbols, rituals, images and stories. It is this cultural side of obstetrics we propose to explore assuming that the body cannot be explained without the mind.


Alice Dulmovits, Hannah Fischer-Monzón, Nina Kremmel, Clara Bonet Ponce, Jesús M. Usunáriz, Simon Kroll, Sabrina Grohsebner, Christian Standhartinger, Marie Christin Radinger, Cristina Tabernero, Fernando Sanz-Lázaro, Karin Fuchs, Roció Martínez, Mandy Vondra, Pilar Panero


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Winter term 2021

  • Births, weddings and burials in parish registers of the 16th-20th centuries
  • Critical historiography: Herodotus, Thucydides, Sallust, Tacitus, Machiavelli, Chaves Nogales, Arthur Köstler et al.
  • Sources, Methods and Questions in Cultural Studies
  • Literary theory and creative writing