Download the source code form GitHub

The algorithm allows one to analyse the structural properties of particles distributed in 3-dimensions. The package includes the C++ source code and some examples that demonstrates how to use the library.

Installation and Usage

Get the code with

git clone

or download the code as zip file from the above link.
To create the main executable you can use the makefile which is included


The newly created "main" can be executed with a single or no argument. This allows one to read different parameter files given in the input directory. As an example,

./main 1

reads the parameter file "./input/parameter.1.txt". The parameter file allows one to define the xyz file read by main, as well as other parameters like the nearest neighbor distance. The program can also create perfect structures. They are demonstrated in the parameter files 2-4. Try

./main 2
./main 3
./main 4

For more information see the README.txt, and the comments in the parameter files. For more information about the implementation plase see the comments in the source code.

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