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Biological Barriers in Health and Disease

Welcome to the website of the group of Dr. Neuhaus. We are working on the function of biological barriers in health and disease. The main focus is set on the blood-brain barrier, the lung alveolar epithelium and the kidney proximal tubulus.
In several diseases such as stroke, traumatic brain injury or sepsis the stabilization of biological barriers can contribute to a less adverse outcome and represent a promising therapeutic target.

NEWS: "Die Krone" article "Medizin fürs Gehirn" in the newspaper with the largest readership in Austria, 26.11.2019 about our work at AIT.

New Future Science OA Paper about an autologous 4-organ-on-a-chip system based on human, induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs).

NEWS: Article "Am biochemischen Türsteher vorbeikommen" in Austrian Newspaper "DiePresse" about our work.

NEWS: New Nature Scientific Reports Paper (IF 4.01) about the development of an ECLIA assay to measure MeCP2 and application in research about the Rare Disease RETT syndrome

NEWS: New Annals of Neurology (IF 10.25) Paper about the pivotal role of PAI-1 during fibrinolysis in traumatic brain injury

NEWS: New ACS Appl Mater Interfaces (IF 8.09) Paper about a novel material to control oxygen levels at the microscale for e.g. a microfluidic in vitro stroke model of the blood-brain barrier

NEWS: New Biomaterials (IF 8.81) Paper about a novel tool to transiently open the  blood-brain barrier for drug delivery of small compounds

NEWS: New Tissue Barriers Review about cell culture models of the blood-saliva barrier.

NEWS: Article in Austrian Newspaper "Die Krone" about our Alternatives to Animal Testing efforts at EUSAAT (www.eusaat.org)

NEWS: New Frontier Molecular Neuroscience Paper (IF 5.08) about the compound WY-14643 to reduce traumatic brain injury damage.

NEWS: New Stem Cell Reports Paper (IF 7.34) about a novel human blood-brain barrier model based on human induced, pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs).

NEWS: I am looking forward to my new position at the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT, www.ait.ac.at)  starting in April 2016.

NEWS: Link to the article on the website of the University of Vienna: "Risiken und Nebenwirkungen in der Behandlung Frühgeborener", went online on 9th of February 2016.

NEWS: New PlosONE Paper about "Balanced hydroxyethylstarch (HES 130/0.4) impairs kidney function in-vivo without inflammation" went online on 5th of September 2015.

New PlosONE Paper about "Multiple antenatal dexamethasone treatment alters brain vessel differentation in newborn mouse pups" went online on 14th of August 2015.

NEWS: Winfried Neuhaus is an Invited Speaker at the "2nd Zing Barriers of The CNS Conference" from 27th to 30th September 2015 in Oropesa, Spain, and will talk about ischemia in-vitro models, if interested in the conference follow the link: http://www.zingconferences.com/conferences/2nd-zing-barriers-cns-conference/

NEWS: Link to the video and article on the website of the University of Vienna: "Das Hirn und sein Hüter"

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