Institute of Zoology
Department of Evolutionary Biology
Walter Hödl, PhD, Assoc. Prof.

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phone: +43-1-4277-76350


Research topics:

Population biology:
Masking interference, recognition space, and the assemblage of acoustic communities of dendrobatid frogs. - Austrian Science Foundation (FWF) Project 18811, 2006 - 2010.
Vernal pool ecology and conservation:
Distribution, biodiversity, phenology, and conservation of Anostraca (fairy shrimps), Notostraca (tadpole shrimps) and Spinicaudata (clam shrimps) in Austria. Related page:

Behavioural ecology:
Multimodal signaling in anurans. Austrian Science Foundation (FWF) Project P 22069-B17 2010-2013

The role of the vocal sac in multimodal signaling - an explorative study in African reed frogs (Anura - Hyperolidae). (FWF) - Project 25, 2013-2016.

Doctoral Program in Cognition and Communication - (FWF) Project 2011-2014

Tropical biology:
Regular research and teaching visits to Brazil since 1974. 1994: Guest professor at University of São Paulo. Scientific filming activities on frogs and stingless bees in Brazil and Peru. Canopy research at Surumoni (Venezuela) and Aratai (French Guiana). Recent research includes studies in Sabah, Brunei, Costa Rica, Tanzania, Uganda and India.

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Memberships and functions:

Faculty member of the PhD Programme Cognition and Communication at the University of Vienna

Member of the executive committee of the 7th World Congress of Herpetology

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    Stephan Burgstaller (master student): Estimation of Population Size and Migratory activity of Salamandra salamandra - Research Site: Neuwaldegg.

    Mag. Dr. Erich Eder (Postdoc): Development, distribution, ecology and conservation of Austrian large branchiopods

    Mag. Herbert Gasser (PhD student): "Dear enemy effect" in Allobates femoralis

    Melanie Kalina (master student):  Development and stability in the pattern of Neurergus kaiseri

    Mag. Andreas Kleewein (PhD student): Analysis of impacts of allochthonous turtles on Emys orbicularis in Austrian waterbodies with description of the complex of problems in Austria with particular reference to conservational and judicial aspects

    Christoph Leeb (MSc):  Populationsgrößenschätzung und Migrationsverhalten von Salamandra salamandra - Standort Maurerwald

    Katharina Trenkwalder (master student) Genetic connectivity of (meta-) populations in Hyalinobatrachium valerioi.

    Alexandra Mangold (master student) The genetic mating system of Hyalinobatrachium valerioi.

    MSc. Andrius Pašukonis (PhD student)

    Dr. Doris Preininger (Postdoc): Visual signaling in anurans

    Dr. Eva Ringler (Postdoc): Reproductive success and genetic population structure in Allobates femoralis

    Dr. Max Ringler (Postdoc): Spatial structure, territorial behaviour and movement patterns in Allobates femoralis

    Mag. Iris Starnberger (Phd student): The role of the vocal sac in multimodal signaling - an explorative study in African reed frogs (Anura - Hyperiolidae)

    Mag. Dr. Marc Sztatecsny (Postdoc): Visual signaling in anurans

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    Adolfo Amézquita PhD (Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia): Bioacoustic diversity in Amazonian dart-poison frogs

    Philippe Gaucher MSc (Mission Parc de la Guyane, Cayenne, French Guiana): Reproductive behaviour in Amazonian frogs

Robert Jehle PhD (University of Salford): Population biology of amphibians

    Albertina Lima PhD (Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia): Bioacoustics of Amazonian dart-poison frogs

    Peter Narins Prof.PhD (University of California, Los Angeles, UCLA, USA): Bioacoustics and visual function of vocal sac in frogs

    Miguel Rodrigues Prof.PhD (Universidade São Paulo, Brazil): Visual communication in amphibians

    Robert Schabetsberger PhD (Universät Salzburg, Austria): Terrestial habitat utilisation of radio-tracked newts

    Benedikt R. Schmidt PhD (Universität Zürich, Switzerland): Population ecology of amphibians


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