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Department of Evolutionary Anthropology, University of Vienna

Djerassiplatz 1
1030 Wien

Phone: 0043-1-4277-54701
Fax: 0043-1-4277-9547 Ing. Viktoria Krenn, MSc. BSc.

Short Curriculum Vitae

Current & Previous Positions

since 2016 Lecturer and Research Affiliate, Department of Anthropology, University of Vienna
2017-2021 PhD Student and Research Affiliate, Evolutionary Morphology, Institute of Evolutionary Medicine, University of Zurich, Switzerland
2017-2020 Pharmaceutical Consultant, Switzerland
2014-2017 Scientific Staff Core Facility for Micro-Computed Tomography, Vienna, Austria
2013-2017 Museum Educational Service, Natural History Museum Vienna, Austria
2013-2016 Tutor, University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
2013-2014 MERA Bildungsholding GmbH, Vienna, Austria

Teaching Experience

Since 2016 University of Vienna, Austria
2017-2021 University of Zurich, Switzerland
2014-2015 IFS Studentenkurse for Med-AT, Vienna, Austria
2013-2016 Osteology Tutor, University of Vienna, Austria


2017-2021 University of Zurich, graduating with Doktor der Naturwissenschaften
2009-2015 University of Vienna, graduating with Master of Science and Bachelor of Science
2006-2008 Diploma in Restoration, HTL Mödling
1998-2006 Graduation, Bundes-Realgymnasium Klosterneuburg


Travelgrants, Swiss Anthropological Society, 2017-2021
Grants for outstanding performance, University of Vienna 2011-2013

Current Research Interests

Research focus virtual anthropology and human anatomy.
Specialised in computer visualization, 3D-imaging and modeling, CAD-programs.
Interdisciplinary research:
- Evolutionary Medicine
- ArtHistoryMuseum Vienna "anatomical investigation of historic violins"


3300191 VO “Anatomie des Schädels”, University of Vienna
300084 UE “Dem Menschen auf den Zahn gefühlt - Bestimmungsübung an menschlichen Zähnen”, University of Vienna
BIO 438 VO ”Human Bioarchaeology”, University of Zurich
601467 VO&UE ”Bioarchaeology”, University of Zurich
BIO 440 & BIO 442 UE ”Evolutionary Medicine”, University of Zurich
UE Medizinerpraktikum, University of Zurich