Samples of media collections received by retired colonial officers

Over 600 photos and more than 11,000 pages of documents have been submitted by October 2017. Recently the first amateur films (8mm) have been digitized. The material has not been catalogued yet. Below are samples of submitted collections. All necessary rights have been granted by the creators. 

Film: KEMP, Ronald_Nigeria Tree Breeding
Film: KEMP, Ronald_Nigeria Tree Breeding Teak (cut 1.20 min – 2.20min)
Film: GILL, John_Christmas at Ilesha (Nigeria)_cut version

Collection Allan_Agricultural Officer_1960-75

Collection Allan_Agricultural Officer_1960-75: Kenya 1962_Lake Victoria

Collection Maciel_Executive Officer_1947-66

Collection Maciel_Excecutive Officer_1947-66: Kenya_sorted documents

Collection Anderson_Surveyor_1957-77

Collection Anderson_Surveyor_1957-77: Nigeria_photos work related

Collection_OSPA files

Material donated by the Overseas Service Pensioners' Association in October 2017