Paper published “Copying informal institutions”

My paper “Copying informal institutions: the role of British colonial officers during the decolonization of British Africa” is now available as First View at the Journal of Institutional Economics. I argue that availability of British personnel in African colonies before and after independence explains parts of the variation in the effectiveness of imported British legislation.

Visitor at the SOM Research Institute at the University of Groningen

I have started my stay at the SOM Research Institute in Groningen. I am very grateful to Prof. Robbert Maseland for the invitation and the team of SOM Research Institute for their friendly welcome. I plan to submit an ERC Starter Grant here and start a publication with Prof. Maseland (see my research page). My stay is generously supported […]

Article published “Colonial Bureaucrats, Transplants, and Development”

The article “Colonial Bureaucrats, Institutional Transplants, and Development in the 20th Century” explains the connection between British colonial adminstration in the 20th century and development today. It was published in the new series “Administory”, an online magazine, which takes an interdisciplinary approach to the history of administration.

Paper 2014 shortlisted for the 2015 Elinor Ostrom Price

I am honored to announce that my 2014 paper “When do institutional transfers work? The relation between institutions, culture and the transplant effect: the case of Bornu in north-eastern Nigeria.” has been shortlisted for the 2015 Elinor Ostrom Price. The final decision will be announced at the WINIR ( conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 10-13 September […]

Paper accepted “The Effects of Shareholders’ Agreement Binding Provisions on Firm Value”

Our paper “The Effects of Shareholders’ Agreement Binding Provisions on Firm Value” was accepted for publication at the RAE (Revista de Administração de Empresas – Journal of Business Administration). I am a co-author together with Luiz Ricardo Kabbach de Castro and Marina Gelman. Our cooperation started at the Ronald Coase workshop in Chile in December […]