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Ulrich Ansorge

Ulrich Ansorge    Prof. Dr. Ulrich Ansorge

    University of Vienna

    Faculty of Psychology,

    Liebiggasse 5

    (Raum 02.21, linke Stiege, 2. Stock)

    A-1010 Wien

    Tel. (0043) 1 4277 47140



Ulrich Ansorge, born 19th November 1966 in Schwelm (Germany)


1987 - 1988 Civil service

1988 - 1992 Education and job as camera assistant, Hamburg, Berlin und Baden-

Baden (Germany)

1992 - 1997 Studies in Psychology; Universität Bielefeld; Diploma (July 1997)

2000 Promotion; Dr. rer. nat. (Universität Bielefeld)

2005 Habilitation for Psychology (Universität Bielefeld)


1997 - 2006 Scientific employee; Fakultät für Psychologie und Sportwissenschaft;

Universität Bielefeld (Germany)

2006 - 2007 Stand-in Professor Allgemeine Psychologie; Universität Osnabrück


2007-2008 Heisenberg fellow; Institute of Cognitive Science; Institut für

Psychologie; Universität Osnabrück; School of Psychology; Birkbeck

College London, UK

2008 Guest professor; Faculty of Psychology; University of Vienna, Austria

2009 Call: University of Vienna; chair (full professorship) in Experimental



Member of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie (DGPs),

American Psychological Society (APS),

Vision Sciences Society (VSS),

Speaker of section Experimental Psychology of the DGPs (2009-2011),

Editor-in-chief of Advances in Cognitive Psychology (since 2011),

Member of the editorial board of Psychological Research (since 2009).

Ad-hoc reviews for GRC (German Research Council), NSF (National Science Foundation; USA), and

international Journals (Acta Psychologica; American Psychologist; Attention,

Perception, & Psychophysics; Cognition; Consciousness and Cognition; European

Journal of Cognitive Psychology; Experimental Psychology; Journal of Experimental

Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, Journal of Experimental

Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition; Neuroscience; Neuropsychology;

Perception & Psychophysics; Perceptual and Motor Skills; Psychological Bulletin;

Psychonomic Bulletin & Review; Psychological Research; Psychological Science;

Psychology Science; Psychophysiology; Quarterly Journal of Experimental

Psychology; Vision Research; Visual Cognition)



2004 - 2007 GRC (An 393/1); with Prof. Dr. Holk Cruse and Prof. Dr. Odmar

Neumann, Universität Bielefeld (~ 80,000 ¤)

2006 - 2007 DAAD (D 05/54004); with Prof. Dr. Massimo Turatto, Trento (~ 7,000 ¤)

2006 VWStiftung and HWK (Workshop on „Visual masking and the dynamics

of human perception, cognition, and consciousness“, HWK,

Delmenhorst, 27th – 30th June 2006); with Prof. Dr. Michael Herzog,

Lausanne, Prof. Dr. Greg Francis, Purdue University, und Prof. Dr.

Haluk Ögmen, Houston (~ 25,100 ¤)

2007 - GRC (An 393/2); Heisenberg fellowship (~ 140,000 ¤)

2007 - GRC (Scha 1515/1); with Prof. Dr. Ingrid Scharlau, Universität

Paderborn (~ 100,000 ¤)

2007 - GRC (Tu 78/6); with Prof. Dr. Brunna Tuschen-Caffier, Unversität

Freiburg (~ 72,000 ¤)

2008 - GRC (An 393/5); with Prof. Dr. Ingrid Scharlau, Universität Paderborn,

and Dr. Werner Klotz, Universität Bielefeld (~ 50,000 ¤)

2008 - University of Osnabrueck; “Graduate programme Adaptivity in Hybrid

Cognitive Systems”; three Neurobiopsychology dissertation projects in

cooperation with Prof. Dr. Peter Koenig (~ 100,000 ¤)

2009 - Niedersachsen (Deutschland); Graduate programme; two

Neurobiopsychology promotion scholarships in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Peter

Koenig (~ 60,000 ¤)