Molecular Biology Courses

Between 2004 and 2012 I gave a one week introduction to (macromolecular) crystallography in the context of the MSc/PhD Program of the University of Göttingen and the Max-Planck-Institue for Biochemistry and Experimental Medicine.

The presentations are available below. Feel free to use the material for non-commercial purposes as long as you properly acknowledge its origin.

Up to 2010 the lectures were improved over the years. If you are interested it should be sufficient to look at the 2010 lectures.

In 2011, the course layout of the MSc Program was altered to a full week lecture with subsequent practicals during the same week. I took the lecture material from my GGNB Course Part I

Tutorial Data

The data for the tutorial excercises has mostly stayed the same and can be found here.

The frames for the first part on Data Integration are also made available. Beware, the file is about 0.5GB!

The Lysozyme data are courtesy of Dr. Tobias Beck. The corresponding reference is: Beck, T., Krasauskas, A., Gruene, T. & Sheldrick, G.M.: A magic triangle for experimental phasing of macromolecules., Acta Cryst. D, 2008, 64, pp. 1179-1182

Please follow the links of the corresponding years to access hand-outs and exercises.

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