Chemical Crystallography

Lecture notes and Exercises 2020 (270287 VO)

The lecture takes place on Thursdays, 11am-11:45am, as listed below. During the special circumstaces of Corona prevention measures, the lecture is stream internally on moodel via BigBlueButton. Lecture notes are made available here the day before the lecture. The final version (adjusted to the number of slides that got actually presented) will be updated after the lecture.

DateLecture notesPDF
5th March 2020Lecture 1Download PDF
19th March 2020Lecture 2Download PDF
26th March 2020Lecture 3Download PDF
4th April 2020Lecture 4Download PDF
23th April 2020Lecture 5Download PDF
30th April 2020 Lecture 5Repetition of Lecture 5 due to technical problems 23/4/2020
7th May 2020 Lecture 6Download PDF
14th May 2020 Lecture 7Download PDF
28th May 2020 Lecture 8Download PDF
4th June 2020 Lecture 9Download PDF
18th June 2020 Lecture 10Download PDF
25th June 2020 Lecture 11Download PDF

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