Talks and Teaching Courses

Everyone is welcome to use the information provided in these seminars given appropriate acknowledgment. I do, however, appreciate a short notification.

Scientific Presentations


List of presentations 2020
Occasion Date PDF Description
Eldico Kick-Off Seminars, online 10th November 2020 download presentation Concept, instrumentation and practical aspects of applications of 3D Electron Diffraction


List of presentations 2019
Occasion Date PDF Description
ECM32, Vienna 19th August 2019 download presentation Electron Crystallography is a Powerful and Feasible Extension to every X-Ray Facility
NeCen, Leiden 13th June 2019 download presentation An EIGER X 1M detector turns a Transmission Electron Microscope into an Electron Diffractometer
iNEXT at CEITEC, Brno 29th May 2019 download presentation Structure Determination with Electron Crystallography
Materials and Environmental Chemistry, Stockholm 11th April 2019 download presentation Turning Powder into Single Crystals: Structure Determination of Chemical Compounds with Electrons
Boehringer-Ingelheim, Vienna 9th April 2019 download Organic and macromolecular crystallography with electrons
6thRingberg Workshop 1st March 2019 download An EIGER X 1M detector turns a Transmission Electron Microscope into an Electron Diffractometer for Chemistry and Biology

Courses and Teaching Seminars

This is a list of courses given at various workshops etc. Please also refer to my teaching section for recurring courses, e.g. the ACSA, "Advanced Crystal Structure Analysis", a seminar series which was held weekly at the University of Göttingen until Winter 2014.

List of course
Course/Workshop Date PDF Title of talk
PSI Lecture Series on Electron Microscopy 4th November 2020 download presentation Electron crystallography of chemical compounds
ADTB, Grenoble 19th November2019 download presentation Crystallography for Structural Biologists
Bioinformatics and X-ray structural Analysis, Konstanz 29th January 2019 download presentation Organic and macromolecular crystallography with electrons

The period between 2015 and 2019 is incomplete. As long as my homepage at PSI is still active, you can find the talks and teaching activities for this period there.


List of my seminars given in 2015
Occasion Date PDF Description
ECM 2015 22th August 2015 Xen Crystallography - How to Choose your Radiation
DGK SHELXL Workshop 19th March 2015 download SHELXL refinement against X-ray and neutron data (Short Introduction with subsequent live demonstration)


List of my seminars given in 2013
Occasion Date PDF Description
ACSA 11th November 2013 download Using XDS with Small Molecule Data
ESS Neutron Protein Crystallography 2013 21st, 22nd March 2013 download shelxl: Refinement of Macromolecular Structures against Neutron Data


List of my seminars given in 2012
Occasion Date PDF Description
20thBruker Users' Meeting June 24th, 2012 download How to Trace Polynucleotides: Current status of knuspr

2011 and before

List of seminars given before 2012
Occasion Date PDF Description
Advances in Structural Biology Computing Symposium, SBGrid, Boston June 24th, 2011 download General overview about macromolecular refinement with shelxl and latest advances in shelxd/ shelxe
CCP4 Workshop Chicago June 2009 download This talk is essentially identical to the one I gave in Grenoble about the usage of shelx c/d/e, except for one or two minor improvements.
MAX-INF2 Practical Course Grenoble June 2009 download How to use shelx c/d/e for substructure solution (practical). Includes the shelxe_demo version for autotracing.
MAX-INF2 Practical Course Grenoble June 2009 download theoretical talk about substructure solution with shelx c/d/e.
Como Intl. School of Crystallography June 2008 download About the latest developments of shelxc/d/e, including the free lunch algorithm, backbone tracing of proteins and a suggested method for the backbone tracing of nucleic acids.
ECPM 2007 July 2007 n/a 15min overview about the status quo of the protein crystallography beamline of the Australian Synchrotron. It is the base version of the talk about Synchrotron Radiation
Hercules Course ESRF II Oct. 2006 download Introduction to low resolution refinement.
Shelx Workshop Sep. 2006 download This is the talk describes my current work on automated tracing of nucleic acids.

Seminar: "Advanced Crystal Structure Analysis"

The Seminars about Advanced Crystal Structure Analysis cover a broad range of crystallographic topics. The seminar series is an official course of the Georg-August-Universität which means the students and PhD students can claim credits for regular attendance.

These are my talks within this series.

Tim Grüne

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