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Please note that mtz2sca has been part of CCP4 since release 6.4.0.

List of binaries for various platforms
OS Platform File md5 message digest
Linux x86-64 mtz2sca-v0.4-elf64_x86 bb1d9bc025b84ac58a3b83e7b33da874
source n/a mtz2sca_v0.4.tar.gz 53808e6937d040835863380b2b41ffd8
Mac OS X (Tiger)(*) 64bit intel mtz2sca-osx-tiger-intel64 00e2c45ed870a584c746fa9fb7476358
Mac OS X (Mountain Lion)(**) 64bit intel mtz2sca-osx-mountain_lion-intel64 0d9a3b70bc7cf4eeab20a60d129f94ea
Mac OS X (Snow Leopard)(***) 64bit intel mtz2sca_osx_snow_leopard_intel64 b3d4a87f0e06c30e3d728555373c5513

This is version 0.4 of mtz2sca.

(*) The binary for Mac OS X Tiger was compiled and kindly provided by Yao He.

(**) The binary for Mac OS X Mountain Lion was compiled and kindly provided by Mark Brooks.

(***) The binary for Mac OS X Snow Leopard was compiled and kindly provided by Kip Guja.

mtz2sca is compiled using the GPP4 library for reading mtz-file .

To compile the source code, against the CCP4 library, use the command

 make CCP4=$CCP4 INCL="-I$CINCL" LDFLAGS="-L$CLIB -lccp4c"
You can add -static to the LDFLAGS to reduce dependencies.

If you download the source code and compile it yourself on a platform not listed on this page, I would appreciate if you could send me the binary in order to place it here for download. Please let me know about about the platform, compiler and any modification you did to either the source code or the Makefile for compiling it. . If your platform is not (yet) supported, please either contact me by email or compile the source code yourself. If you have a binary for a platform not listed here, I would be grateful if you could send me the file so that I can put it here.

In order to use the program simply copy it to a location in your path and rename it to mtz2sca.

If you want to be informed by email about updates, please let me know.


Tim Gruene

Last modified: Mar 25, 2020 22:45