Note on Availability

My programs are available for Linux machines because that's what I work on.

Mac OS X

I don't have regular access to a Mac OS X machine. I appreciate anyone who compiles one of my programs on Mac OS X and sends the binaries for distribution from this url.


I have tried to compile my programs on Windows. This works alright for the command line programs, and the major obstacle is the non-standard (POSIX) way of handling options in windows.

For the qt-based GUI of MrTailor I have not managed. Anyway, the same applies as for Mac OS X: I appreciate windows binaries sent to me for distribution through this URL

My Programs

Preparing inhouse X-ray data for XDS

Converters to SHELX

A collection of conversion tools from shelx formats to CCP4 formats. The first three programs, mtz2sca, mtz2hkl, and shelx2map, are now part of CCP4.

Other Programs

Tim Gruene

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