Research Focus Areas


Dynamics and formation of the Solar System and extrasolar planetary systems
Formation of planetesimals and planets
Origin of habitable planets' water and volatiles
Small bodies in the Solar System (Asteroids, Comets)
Celestial Mechanics (Newtonian and Relativistic)

Methods and Technology

Impact and collision simulation
Smooth-particle hydrodynamics (SPH)
Solid body continuum mechanics: elasto-plastic behavior and brittle failure
Developing code for high-performance computing
Simulating collisions and impacts
N-body simulation


Please refer to the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System or ResearchGate for a list of publications:

Biographical Information

More than 20 years of expertise in science and fundamental research, industrial research and development, project management, and people management/leadership.

  • Education

    PhD (Astronomy), summa cum laude, University of Vienna, 1994

    MSc (Astronomy, minors Physics & Computer Science), summa cum laude, University of Vienna, 1992

    Studies of Astronomy, physics, Mathematics, and Law, University of Vienna, 1988-1995

  • Scientific and Non-scientific employment

    since 2012: Scientist and lecturer, University of Vienna

    2004-2012: Freelance scientific consultant and instructor

    2011-2012: Lead architect SAP SCM, Tieto Austria

    2011: Sr. optimization consultant, ProCom, Aachen

    2000-2009: Sr. program manager, Competitive Intelligence, SAP AG, Walldorf

    1996-2000: Sr. staff specialist, Advanced Technology and Mathematical Modeling, BASF Corp., Mount Olive, NJ

    1994-1996: Researcher and faculty member, University of Vienna

  • Organized Conferences

    2018: SOC member, Planets Days, Division F: Planetary Systems and Bioastronomy, IAU GA, Vienna

    2016: LOC member, The Astrophysics of Planetary Habitability, Vienna

    1999: Vice-chair of BOPT’99 (2nd International BASF Conference on Optimization, Mathematical Modeling, and Simulation), Parsippay, NJ

    1997: Vice-chair of BOPT’97 (International BASF Conference on Optimization, Mathematical Modeling, and Simulation), Parsippay, NJ

    1996: LOC member, 4th Alexander von Humboldt Colloquium on Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy, Ramsau

    1992: LOC member, Conference on Visibility and Fine Particles, Vienna

  • Teaching Experience

    Numerous, ongoing courses since 1994 at Universities and educational institutions internationally:

    Celestial Mechanics
    Computational Concepts in Astronomy and Geosciences
    Numerical Methods in Astronomy
    Scientific Computing with Python
    Introduction to JAVA
    UNIX System Management
    Business Information Systems
    Modeling and Optimization with GAMS
    Supply Chain Planning and Advanced Planning

Current Teaching

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