Doz. Dr. Thomas Lebzelter

Department of Astronomy, University of Vienna
Türkenschanzstrasse 17
1180 Wien

phone: +43 1 4277 51854

fax: + 43 1 4277 9518
email: thomas.lebzelter AT

Research projects:

FWF-project: The track of AGB stars in pre-solar dust grains (2012-2015)

CRIRES-POP: A library of high resolution spectra in the near infrared

FWF-project: The contribution of red giants to cosmic element abundances  (2005-2009)

FWF-project: Long period variables and Gaia (2007-2011)


International conference on " Why Galaxies Care About AGB Stars ", August 6-11 2006, Vienna, Austria

International conference on " Why Galaxies Care About AGB Stars II ", August 16-20 2010, Vienna, Austria

GREAT Workshop on Comparative Modelling of Stellar Spectra, August 2010, Vienna, Austria: paper

Forthcoming conference on " Why Galaxies Care About AGB Stars III ", July 28 - August 1 2014, Vienna, Austria

Scientific interests:

Asymptotic Giant Branch stars (follow this link to the Vienna AGB group)                   List of publications (from ADS)

Stellar Pulsation
Mass Loss from evolved stars                                                                                           Alumni
Globular Clusters                                                                                                                Gallery
symbiotic binaries
Near Infrared spectroscopy

Other interests:

Teaching physics in secondary school 2011 - 2013


Austrian Society for Astronomy & Astrophysics