Dr. Thomas Lebzelter

Astrophysicist and Teacher

Curriculum Vitae


Research projects

A library of high-resolution spectra in the near-infrared

Long period variables with Gaia

The track of AGB stars in pre-solar dustgrains
The contribution of red giants to cosmic element abundances
Long period variables and Gaia


University of Vienna


last update: February 2020

Welcome to my homepage.

I am doing scientific research at the Department of Astrophysics in Vienna, and I am currently teaching Physics in a high-school in Lower Austria.
(I enjoy both activities a lot!)

Department of Astrophysics
University of Vienna
Tuerkenschanzstrasse 17

A1180 Vienna

Email: thomas.lebzelter AT univie.ac.at

Main research areas:
  • Asymptotic Giant Branch stars
  • Stellar Abundances
  • Stellar Pulsation
  • Mass loss from evolved stars
  • Near-infrared spectroscopy

Have a look at my official research page (u:cris) at the University of Vienna.

Here are some nice pictures: Gallery

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