Doz. Dr. Thomas Lebzelter

Department of Astronomy, University of Vienna
Türkenschanzstrasse 17
1180 Wien

email: thomas.lebzelter AT

Research projects:

FWF-project: The track of AGB stars in pre-solar dust grains (2012-2015)

CRIRES-POP: A library of high resolution spectra in the near infrared

FWF-project: The contribution of red giants to cosmic element abundances  (2005-2009)

FWF-project: Long period variables and Gaia (2007-2011)

Long period variables and Gaia: Member of Gaia DPAC

Basic information on ESA's Gaia mission: Gaia

Recent papers on studying LPVs with Gaia: Paper I, Paper II, Paper III


Co-organizer of the international Why Galaxies Care About AGB Stars conference series in Vienna, Austria

" Why Galaxies Care About AGB Stars " 2006

" Why Galaxies Care About AGB Stars II ", 2010

" Why Galaxies Care About AGB Stars III ", 2014

GREAT Workshop on Comparative Modelling of Stellar Spectra, August 2010, Vienna, Austria: paper

Scientific interests:

Asymptotic Giant Branch stars (follow this link to the Vienna AGB group)                 

Isotopes of C and O in AGB stars
Stellar Pulsation

Mass Loss from evolved stars                                                                                         
Globular Clusters                                                                                                                
symbiotic binaries
Near Infrared spectroscopy

Other interests:

Teaching physics in secondary school  (now here


Austrian Society for Astronomy & Astrophysics

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