Since I can remember I’ve loved to draw from life (plants, animals, people), and I was strongly encouraged by my grandfather who was a sign painter and artist. I started college as an art major but quickly found that the accurate representational style I favored had been out of style for several centuries. Once I discovered the pleasures of scientific research, art became a hobby. Fortunately, my research on vocal anatomy gives me an outlet for some of my art. Below is my drawing of a trumpeter swan and its elongated trachea published in Nature (I’ll put some more anatomical drawings up soon):


Drawing animals is what I really like. Here are a few Animal Drawings:


NEW: Here are some watercolors:

and some portraits of friends:


Music: Original Songs by Tecumseh Fitch

When I have time I enjoy playing music and writing my own songs. Here are some MP3s of my music.

(original songs copyright 2007 W T S Fitch III: Evolution, Iguana, St Cecilia, Rollin’ Gone and Pennsylvania recorded with Christian St Claire in Berlin, Clarity Studios)

For some REAL musicians, check out Eric Nicolas at Eric or my cousin Kona Joe (aka “Average Joe” Keliikipi)


My little part in the fight for sanity against Creationists: perhaps humor has a better chance at helping than reasoned argument. This is a recording of “I Don’t Believe In Evolution” (copyright 2006 W T S Fitch & Eric Nicolas). First performed publically in Rome, Jan 2006, and again on Italian Radio 3, March 2007.

In true folk tradition, the main idea is from a song I heard a real creationist (whose identity is unknown) sing on TV. But the song has been ..ahem.. modified somewhat to suit its new purpose.


One summer long ago I lived on an island in the Caribbean occupied by legions of one of the droller reptiles on the planet, the Cuban iguana. After some weeks of feuding we settled into a happy coexistence, during which I wrote this song (with the help of Mike “Jambo” Dobbs). If you’re bored with the slow feel at the beginning, fast forward to the salsa at the end…)


I spent my formative years in Western Pennsylvania, on the edge of the Appalachian Mountains. This is one of my earliest decent compositions. Fond memories…


This song is about the evolution of music and humanity. It is based on a poem by the great English poet John Dryden, celebrating St Cecilia, the patron saint of music; I’ve rearranged the poem a bit.

September 11

I was surprised by many people’s angry, revengeful attitude towards the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. My first reaction was sorrow. My second reaction was this song (recorded at Pining, Watch Hill, RI, Eric Nicolas on piano and background vocals)

Rollin Gone

Death. It waits for us all, and has taken many from my family. Drown your sorrows with this song… (still a rough version, recorded shortly after the death of Aunt Gray)

Baby Goodnight

This song was written for my god-daughter, Laila Rose, daughter of my good old friend Jonathan Fritz and Lorien Abroms (recorded in Blue Hill, Maine, at Dan Dennett’s farm, complete with crickets).

Top of my Heart

To Gesche (a VERY rough version…)