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2017 Wurmbrand, Susi. 2017. Verb clusters, verb raising, and restructuring. In: The Blackwell Companion to Syntax 2, ed. by Martin Everaert and Henk van Riemsdijk. Oxford: Blackwell. LingBuzz (prepublication)
Link to published version
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2016 Wurmbrand, Susi. 2016. Agreement in nominal ellipsis: Consequences for the Agreement Hierarchy and the direction of Agree. Invited talk given at a workshop on Agreement. Frankfurt, Germany. Link to workshop
Cloud (slides): Frankfurt
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Ling Buzz
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2014 Wurmbrand, Susi. 2014. Tense and aspect in English infinitives. Linguistic Inquiry 45.3: 403-447.
doi: 10.1162/LING_a_00161
Cloud (published version): Tense-LI,
© 2014 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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2012 Wurmbrand, Susi. 2012. Parasitic participles: Evidence for the theory of verb clusters. Taal en Tongval 64.1: 129-156. Cloud (published version): T&T,
Publisher site
2012 Bobaljik, Jonathan and Susi Wurmbrand. 2012. Word order and scope: Transparent interfaces and the 3/4 signature. Linguistic Inquiry 43.3: 371-421.
doi: 10.1162/LING_a_00094
Cloud (published version): ScoT,
© 2012 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2012 Wurmbrand, Susi. 2012. The syntax of valuation in auxiliary–participle constructions. In: Coyote Working Papers: Proceedings of the 29th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics (WCCFL 29), ed. by Jaehoon Choi et al., 154-162. University of Arizona, Tucson. Cloud: WCCFL29
2012 Wurmbrand, Susi. 2012. Agree(ment): Looking up or looking down? Lecture given in Agreement Seminar, MIT. Handout
2012 Wurmbrand, Susi. 2012. The timing of Merge: Deriving certain clause-linking mismatches. Talk given at a Workshop on (Mis)matches in clause linkage, ZAS, Berlin, Germany. Cloud (handout): Merge-timing
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2008 Wurmbrand, Susi. 2008. Nor: Neither disjunction nor paradox. Linguistic Inquiry 39.3: 511-522.
Cloud (published version): neither-nor-LI,
© 2008 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2008 Wurmbrand, Susi. 2008. Word order and scope in German. In: Groninger Arbeiten zur germanistischen Linguistik 46, 89-110. Published version
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2007 Wurmbrand, Susi. 2007. Back to the future—Part 2. Snippets 14: 12-13. Published version
2007 Wurmbrand, Susi. 2007. How complex are complex predicates. Syntax 10: 243-288. LingBuzz (prepublication),
Link to published version
2007 Bobaljik, Jonathan and Susi Wurmbrand. 2007. Complex predicates, aspect, and anti-reconstruction. Journal of East Asian Linguistics 16.1: 27-42. Link to published version
2006 Wurmbrand, Susi. 2006. Licensing Case. Journal of Germanic Linguistics 18.3: 175-236. Cloud (published version): Licensing
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2001 Wurmbrand, Susi. 2001. Infinitives: Restructuring and clause structure. Mouton de Gruyter (Studies in Generative Grammar 55). Cloud (Table of contents): MB-TOC
Cloud (References and index): MB-references
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1999 Bobaljik, Jonathan and Susi Wurmbrand. 1999. Modals, raising, and A-reconstruction. Talk given at Leiden University, the Netherlands. Cloud (handout): Leiden-1999
1998 Wurmbrand, Susi. 1998. Heads or Phrases? Particles in Particular. In: Phonology and morphology of the Germanic languages, ed. by Richard Wiese and Wolfgang Kehrein, 267-296. Tübingen: Max Niemeyer Verlag. Cloud (published version): Particles



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