GLOW chairperson, 2022-2024

Elected member of the Academia Europaea

Board member of the Van Riemsdijk Foundation

Resources on Equity and Inclusivity in Linguistics (REIL)

Committee on Gender Equity in Linguistics (COGEL; former: Committee on the Status of Women in Linguistics)

Linguistic Society of America

Mentor in the LSA Pop-up mentoring program (PUMP)




Linguist with main interest in theoretical syntax, syntax-semantics interface, language variation. Specific topics I have worked on include: binding, case, complementation, control, clause structure, domains, features, (non-)finiteness, phases, quantifier scope, raising, synactic dependencies (Agree, Merge), tense.

From recent teaching evaluations (Harvard):

"The professor is clearly passionate and her enthusiasm is contagious."

"Prof Wurmbrand is an amazing lecturer, easy but effective homeworks, engaging material."

"Wurmbrand is a wonderful teacher. Very engaging, understanding, and kind; had a clear and organized agenda as well as teaching goals/pedagogy."