Susi Wurmbrand

About Me


Privatdozentin, Universität Wien

Visiting Professor, Harvard University

Previous positions:

Professor of Linguistics, University of Connecticut

Assistant Professor, McGill University

Member of the Academia Europaea


Linguist with main interest in theoretical syntax, syntax-semantics interface, language variation. Specific topics I have worked on include: binding, case, complementation, control, clause structure, domains, features, (non-)finiteness, phases, quantifier scope, raising,, synactic dependencies (Agree, Merge), tense.


From recent teaching evaluations (Harvard):

"The professor is clearly passionate and her enthusiasm is contagious."

"Prof Wurmbrand is an amazing lecturer, easy but effective homeworks, engaging material."

"Wurmbrand is a wonderful teacher. Very engaging, understanding, and kind; had a clear and organized agenda as well as teaching goals/pedagogy."



Recent papers


See the Research page for further works


Lohninger, Magdalena and Susanne Wurmbrand. 2020. Typology of Complement Clauses. Overview article for  Oxford Handbook of clausal embedding.


Wurmbrand, Susanne and Magdalena Lohninger.  2019. An implicational universal in complementation—Theoretical insights and empirical progress. In: Propositional Arguments in Cross-Linguistic Research: Theoretical and Empirical Issues.


Wurmbrand, Susi, Iva Kovač, Magdalena Lohninger, Caroline Pajančič and Neda Todorović. 2020. Finiteness in South Slavic Complement Clauses—Evidence for an Implicational Finiteness Universal. Linguistica 60: 119-137

Cross-clausal A-dependencies

Wurmbrand, Susi. 2019. Cross-clausal A-dependencies. In Proceedings of the Fifty-Fourth Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society (CLS 54), ed. by Eszter Ronai, Laura Stigliano and Yenan Sun, 585-604. Chicago Linguistic Society, Chicago, Ill.

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