Welcome to my Homepage!

I am a post-doc working at the Department of Astrophysics (previously named "Department of Astronomy") at the University of Vienna (Austria), currently funded by a project of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF). Here you can find more information about my FWF project.

Scientific interests

My scientific interests are the Galactic bulge, its formation, evolution, and stellar populations, nucleosynthesis and mixing in red giant branch (RGB) and asymptotic giant branch (AGB) stars, as well as pulsation, mass loss, and evolution of AGB stars. Furthermore, I am interested in infrared astronomy and instrumentation, optical and infrared spectroscopy, etc. You can browse my publications on ADS to find out more about my scientific interests and output so far. Here you can find a copy of my PhD thesis on "Nucleosynthesis and mixing processes in Galactic bulge AGB stars"!

Please find here my CV.

Stefan Uttenthaler - last update June 13, 2012