What is DIP?

DIP is a dynamic interviewing program which can interview ICQ-Users automatically. It will be used for research purpose only. Just send a message to DIP and it will start asking questions.

DIP is a product of:
Stefan Stieger (Medical University of Vienna): Idea, concept, programming
Ulf-Dietrich Reips (University of Zurich): Hosting

If you would like to be interviewed about our current running study, just choose one of the following options:

Message Me
(You must have installed ICQ)
If it doesn't work. Do it the manually: DIPs UIN is 153155077.

If you need help

If you arrived through DIP, here some additional information:
DIP can ask two sorts of questions - with or without pre-defined answers required. A question without a set of required pre-defined answers ("open format") shows only a minimal set of "steering answers" in the square brackets: [DECLINE / EXIT / INFO ]. Questions that may only be answered with one of the options listed ("closed format") are recognizeable via the additional possible answers in the square brackets, e.g. [ YES / NO / DECLINE / EXIT / INFO ].

DIP is not case sensitive, it accepts "YES", "yes", "yEs" etc. DIP even has a memory: It allows you to interrupt answering the questionnaire to continue later.

DECLINE: If you don't want to answer that question
EXIT: If you would like to quit answering and don't want to finish it up later.
INFO: If you need more information. Normaly DIP sends tailored information about the particular question.