As one of the most prominent constellations in the sky, Orion hosts the nearest massive star factory, the famous Orion Nebula Cluster. Invisible to the naked eye and stretching over tens of degrees, the Orion Molecular Cloud is home to thousands of young stars which yet may form future solar systems.


The Vienna Survey in Orion, VISION, is the first effort to study the global star formation processes in the entire region. As the first part in this study a large survey has been conducted with ESO's Visible and Infrared Survey Telescope for Astronomy. Stretching over the entire Orion A molecular cloud complex, it is the most detailed view of an entire star factory yet.


Based on the success of this project and starting in April 2017, the new ESO public survey VISIONS - VISTA Star Formation Atlas will map many nearby star forming regions in equally impressive detail.

This Web resource contains HiPS(*) components for the Orion A VISTA survey.


Technical specifications

Angular resolution             402.6mas

Max tile order                    9

Encoding                           jpg/png

Tile size                             1024x1024

HiPS builder                      Aladin/HipsGen v9.003

Coordinate frame              equatorial


This survey can be displayed by Aladin Lite, the Aladin Desktop client, or any other HiPS aware clients. Just open the base URL:



(*) HiPS, short for Hierarchical Progressive Survey, is based on HEALPix sky tessellation and it is designed for astronomical scientifical usages. HiPS technical documentation is available here.