Selected Publications

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Matrix factorisations for rational boundary conditions by defect fusion

Details Journal Arxiv

On the higher-spin charges of conical defects

Details Journal Arxiv

Towards metric-like higher-spin gauge theories in three dimensions

Details Journal Arxiv

Boundary conditions in Toda theories and minimal models

Details Journal Arxiv

Asymptotic symmetries of three-dimensional gravity coupled to higher-spin fields

Details Journal Arxiv

Bulk flows in Virasoro minimal models with boundaries

Details Journal Arxiv

Bulk induced boundary perturbations

Details Journal Arxiv

Boundary Liouville theory at c = 1

Details Journal Arxiv

Organizing boundary RG flows

Details Journal Arxiv

Noncommutative gauge theory of twisted D-branes

Details Journal Arxiv

Branes on group manifolds, gluon condensates, and twisted K theory

Details Journal Arxiv

Quantum mechanics of baryogenesis

Details Journal Arxiv


For current teaching at University of Vienna see this link.

Previous lecture courses:

  • Winter Term 2015: Linear Algebra for Physicists (Humboldt University Berlin)

  • Winter Term 2014: Conformal Field Theory (Humboldt University Berlin)

  • Summer Term 2014: General Relativity (Humboldt University Berlin)

  • Winter Term 2010: Supersymmetry (Humboldt University Berlin)

  • Summer Term 2009: String Theory (Humboldt University Berlin)

  • Summer Term 2008: String Theory (Humboldt University Berlin)

  • Winter Term 2007: Conformal Field Theory (University of Potsdam)

Lecture Series at Summer Schools:

  • 2013: Lecture Series on Higher-spin AdS3/CFT2 correspondence at Galileo Galilei Institute (Florence) for the school on Higher spins, strings and duality

  • 2008: Lecture Series on Conformal field theory at MPI for Gravitational Physics Potsdam for the school String-Steilkurs