Read about the latest updates and news about the scientific and outreach activities of our group.

26.07.2015 - 08.08.2015 Prof. Alexey Ivanov (Ural Federal University, Russia) will be visiting the group.

20.07.2015 Our group is taking active part in organising the 14th International Conference on Magnetic Fluids to be held in Ekaterinburg, Russia in July 2016 (04.07-08.07.2016). Check out ICMF14 website.

13.07.2015 We are happy to announce that the Habilitation of Dr Kantorovich will take place in Ludwig-Boltzmann-Hörsaal, A-1090-Wien, Boltzmanngasse 5 / Strudlhofgasse 4, Erdgeschoß, on the 15th July at 10:30.

20.06.2015 Our group is looking forward for participating in Fermi Summer School on Self-Assembly! Visit the website.

10.06.2015 We are happy to welcome a new group member - Michela Ronti!

09.06.2015 Our group congratulates the University of Vienna with 650s Anniversary and takes part in the Scientific Exhibition dedicated to the subject.

16.09.2014 We are very excited to announce that Dr Kantorovich have been awarded the MARIE SKŁODOWSKA-CURIE ACTION: INNOVATIVE TRAINING NETWORKS grant for Excellent Science from the European Commission! Visit the website.

08.09.2014 - 12.09.2014 The group will be attending and presenting at the EMLG conference in Rome.

25.07.2014 Photos from our recent trip to Lisbon for the Liquids 2014 conference can be found here.

12.06.2014 - 13.06.2014 We will be travelling to Budapest for the Central European Statistical Mechanics Mini-Meeting

22.04.2014 - 08.05.2014 Prof. Alexey Ivanov (Ural Federal University, Russia) will be visiting the group.

18.04.2014 Our web-site starts working today!!!!

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