simon plätzer

contact Particle Physics, Universität Wien
Room 3515. Phone +43 1 42 77 72 41 5
Boltzmanngasse 5, 1090 Wien

research I work on the phenomenology of elementary particle reactions, centred at the interface between theory and experiment. What I want to know is how the data acquired at particle collider experiments are telling us about the fundamental constituents and forces of nature. This is only possible by confronting experimental observations with theoretical predictions, and the methods I use span a large range from analytic calculations to fully detailled Monte Carlo simulations. Central to the complexity which Particle Physics researchers face is the strong interaction, described by Quantum Chromo Dynamics (QCD), one of the most diverse dynamics contained in the Standard Model of particle physics, which we handle through fixed-order perturbation theory, factorization and resummation as well as phenomenological models.

SS21Particle Physics: Advanced Concepts
WS 20/21 Presented Exercises Introduction to Calculus
Exercise Classes Introduction to Calculus
SS20Particle Physics: Standard Model and Phenomenology
Theory Lab Course (Theorie-Praktikum)
earlierall teaching at the University of Vienna

students My research has always involved a number of students at Vienna as well as abroad. Projects are available ranging from Bachelor to Master and PhD thesis, and a variety of theoretical to numerical/simulational aspects can be worked on. If you are interested please contact me by email.

networks I am involved in a number of international networks, amongst them the MCnet network on Monte Carlo event generators, as well as the COST actions VBSCAN and Particleface. I am also closely collaborating with researchers at Lund, Manchester, and Karlsruhe.

publications A full list of publications is conveniently available from INSPIRE.