SieglindeRosenbergerFull Professor of Political Science in the Department of Political Science, University of Vienna, Austria

Head of the research group INEX “The Politics of Inclusion & Exclusion”, University of Vienna

Deputy speaker of the research platform “Religion and Transformation in European Societies”, University of Vienna

Member of the Senate of the University of Vienna

Recent work

2016  The politics of categorization – political representatives with immigrant background between “the other” and “standing for”, Sieglinde Rosenberger & Iris Stöckl. In: Politics, Groups, and Identities, DOI: 10.1080/21565503.2016.1194764.

2016 After the Deportation Gap: Non-Removed Persons and their Pathways to Social Rights / Sieglinde Rosenberger, Clara Küffner. In: R. Hsu, C. Reinprecht (eds.), Migration and Integration New Models for Mobility and Coexistence, p. 137 – 152.

2015 Just a Shadow? The Role of Radical Right Parties in the Politicization of Immigration, 1995 – 2009 / Sarah Meyer, Sieglinde Rosenberger. In: Politics and Governance , Vol. 3, No 2 (2015), p. 1 – 17.

2015 The Politicisation of Migration in Austria / Sarah Meyer, Sieglinde Rosenberger. In: W. van der Brug, G. D’Amato, D. Ruedin, J.Berkhout (eds.), The Politicisation of Migration, Routledge, p. 31-51.

2015 Islam and Muslims in Austria / Astrid Mattes, Sieglinde Rosenberger. In: M. Burchardt / I. Michalowski (eds.), After Integration, Islam und Politik, Springer Fachmedien, Wiesbaden, p. 129 – 152.