IPW Lecture: Gender Stereotyping in the Military

Vortragende: Cornelia Weiss (Military Lawyer)
Moderation: Saskia Stachowitsch (IPW, Universität Wien)

Donnerstag, 11. Mai 2017, 16:45 Uhr
Hörsaal II, NIG, Erdgeschoß Universitätsstraße 7, 1010 Wien


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Abstract [English]
Gender stereotyping happens in all sectors of society, but it plays a particular role in the military. Understanding how women and men are stereotyped illuminates the hidden nature of gender prejudice. Such gender prejudice harms not only individuals; it harms national and international security. Courts have served and are serving an important role in naming detrimental gender stereotypes in the armed forces, exposing their harms, and determining how they infringe on rights. In this lecture, Cornelia Weiss addresses the successes that the courts have had in addressing gender stereotyping while arguing that militaries, for the sake of national and international security, must be proactive in eliminating gender stereotyping.